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Here’s a link to a video tutorial describing how Search and Browse work.


I’m having a hard time using Search and getting what I’m looking for.

  1. Try watching the tutorial above.
  2. There are 5,400 songs in our database, but that is not all of the songs! So, we may not have what you’re looking for, or if you start with too many filters, your search may not yield any results.
  3. When you input something into the fields, wait for the autosuggest feature to work. If you type something and hit enter immediately, it may not work well, whereas if you wait for the autosuggest, search should work much better.

Some of your external links take me to sites that require a subscription. What gives?

It’s true that many of our links are to subscription sites like Naxos Music Library and We have chosen these sites because of the high value that they provide. Many schools purchase institutional subscriptions to these services. You might try using SongHelix on a nearby campus (within the range of ip addresses the services have on file), or you might consider purchasing a subscription. Alternatively, you could search for audio on youtube or consult a print resource on pronunciation.

This is an amazing search tool, but I think you’re including too many keywords per song. I’d like better results.

We hear you, and we totally agree. One of the responsibilities of our Editorial Board members is to remove extraneous keywords, and elevate 5-10 per song that represent the most important ones. In the future, search results will be tiered with primary and secondary or recommended results.