Contribute Songs

We need your help! Our database includes a few thousand songs, but there’s no way a small team of researchers can capture metadata for every song! That’s where you come in.

Please help us by contributing songs! Either of the links below will direct you to an online submission form.

The “long form” has spaces for every kind of metadata that we collect. If you’re a song enthusiast, scholar, or composer, this form’s for you:

The “short form” is somewhat more abbreviated, giving us the critical information without requiring the time commitment of the long form. This would be great for assigning to voice students, or undergraduate song literature classes:

For Power Users (you know who you are!), here is a link to a spreadsheet that mimics the one we use internally. For multiple, similar entries it is easier to use with the ability to copy and paste. Please send the spreadsheet to me ( and we’ll edit in your submission:

Each form has little instruction boxes, but a longer and comprehensive set of instructions can be found here: