In Dahomey - generously provided by African Diaspora Music Project

Song TitleIn Dahomey - generously provided by African Diaspora Music Project (Search)
Composer(s):T. J. (Thomas Jefferson) Anderson Jr.
Composer Underrepresented GroupAfrican-American; POC (Search)
Author(s):Harryette Mullen
Author Underrepresented GroupAfrican-American; Female; POC (Search)
Keyword(s) & Features: Africa; Ancestors; Art; Beams; Brine; Dahomey; Deer; Disappearing; Domes; Doorways; Earth; Families; Fast; Fingers; Framing; Hands; Hard; Harnessing; History; Home; Hospitality; Indigenous; Jacks; Jazz; Kings; Ladders; Learning; Legs; Men; Millet; Mothers; Mules; Nature; Notches; Past; Pigments; Processions; Reliefs; Riding; Rivers; Roofs; Royal; Saints; Seas; Signs; Sky; Snakes; Sweating; Tossing; Tradition; Traditional; Trees; Tribal; Tribes; Umbrellas; Wet; Zigzags
First Linein Dahomey the royal umbrella (Search)
Year of composition 1994 (Search) Circa
Larger Work7 Cabaret Songs (Search)
Original LanguageEnglish (Search)
Audio Source (Search)
Catalog DesignationNo. 4 (Search)
Voice part suggested by composerMedium voice
Range: A3 - B4 (Search)
Dedicated ToWilliam Grant Still (Search)
Premiered ByNnenna Freelon (Search)
Commissioned ByMallarme Chamber Players for Nnenna Freelon with assistance by the North Carolina Arts Council (Search)
Recommended Printed SourceN.Y.: American Composers' Edition, Inc. (Search)
Other instrumentation and voiceJazz vocalist, flute, viola, cello, and piano (Search)
Sources CitedAfrican Diaspora Music Project, created by Dr. Louise Toppin (Search)
ContributorDr. Louise Toppin; GTM (Search)
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