Pesn' Min'ony; Песнь Миньоны (Mignon's song)

Song TitlePesn' Min'ony; Песнь Миньоны (Search)
Title in EnglishMignon's song (Search)
Composer(s):Pyotr Il′yich Tchaikovsky (Пётр Ильич Чайковский)
Composer Underrepresented GroupLGBTQ+ (Search)
Author(s):Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev (Тютчев, Фёдор Иванович (after Johann Wolfgang von Goethe))
Keyword(s) & Features: Abroad; Allowing; Asking; Avalanches; Away; Azure; Bays; Belonging; Blooming; Broods; Burning; Castaways; Children; Cliffs; Climbing; Columns; Comfort; Connecting; Connection to Nature; Country; Crashing; Darling; Deep; Dense; Desires; Desiring; Distance; Distant; Domes; Dragons; Dreaming; Dreams; Dwelling; Evoking; Exile; Exiles; Exiling; Falling; Familiar; Familiarity; Far; Fatherland; Fathers; Fire; Gazing; Going; Golden; Gorges; Green; Growing; Guardians; Halls; Happening; Heaven; Hiding; Home; Homeland; Homesick; Hometown; Hopes; Hoping; Households; Houses; Idols; Imagery; Images; Imagining; Invoking; Journeys; Knowing; Knowledge; Land; Lands; Laying; Leaves; Leaving Home; Legends; Lemons; Light; Longing; Marble; Memories; Mignon; Mists; Mountains; Mules; Music; Myrtles; Nations; Nature; Nostalgia; Nostalgic; Offspring; Oranges; Past; Paths; Peace; Peaceful; Personal History; Places; Poor; Pure; Rays; Recalling; Remembrance; Reminding; Reminiscing; Returning; Reverie; Roaring; Sad; Safety; Shining; Silent; Soil; Steep; Summits; Summoning; Together; Trails; Vaults; Water; Waters; Wishes; Wishing
First LineTy znajesh' kraj, gde mirt i lavr rastjot; Ты знаешь край, где мирт и лавр растёт (Search)
Average Duration4:45 (Search)
Year of composition 1874 - 1875 (Search) Winter
Link to English Text Online
Larger WorkШесть романсов; Six Romances (Search)
Musical FormAABA (Search)
Author's associated movements or -isms or GroupsSturm und Drang; Innerlichkeit (Search)
Original LanguageGerman (Search)
Score Source
Audio Source
Difficulty LevelMasters/YA (Search)
Catalog DesignationOp. 25 no. 3 (Search)
Voice part suggested by composerHigh voice
Range: D4 - Gb5 (Search)
Original KeyEb Major (Search)
Dedicated ToMaria Danilovna Kamenskaya; Мария Даниловна Каменская (Search)
Sources Cited; (Search)
ContributorMRH , Morgan Horning (Search)
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