Song TitleFrohsinn (Search)
Composer(s):Franz Schubert
Author(s):I. F. Castelli (Ignaz Franz)
Keyword(s) & Features: Aiming; Boasting; Buying; Changing; Charity; Cheerful; Cheerfulness; Choosing; Comforting; Counting; Craving; Cupid; Day; Death; Decorations; Dishes; Double; Earth; Echoes; Enjoying; Enough; Equality in Death; Faces; Fortune; Free; Frightening; Frugality; Giving; Gloomy; Golden; Graves; Grief; Halls; Happiness; Honor; Humility; Income; Joy; Knowing; Laughing; Life; Loss; Material Things; Melancholy; Metaphor: Happiness as Shield; Miserable; Modesty; Money; Optimism; Pain; Passersby; Pilfering; Playing; Possessions; Power; Prizes; Relaxed; Respect; Resting; Riches; Satisfaction; Shields; Shouting; Sickening; Simplicity; Skills; Slurping; Smiling; Sounds; Stones; Today; Tomorrow; Trinkets; Trouble; Urns; Useless; Valuable; Villains; Wealth; Weeping Willows; Women; World; Youths
First LineIch bin von lockerem Schlage (Search)
Average Duration1:15 (Search)
Year of composition 1817 (Search)
Link to English Text Online
Original LanguageGerman (Search)
Score Source
Catalog DesignationD. 520 (Search)
Range: C4 - D5 (Search)
Original KeyF Major (Search)
ContributorGTM (Search)
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