Der Zufriedene

Song TitleDer Zufriedene (Search)
Composer(s):Franz Schubert
Author(s):C. L. Reissig (Christian Ludwig)
Keyword(s) & Features: Being Grateful; Blooming; Bottles; Comfort; Companions; Company; Contentment; Drinking; Fair; Fate; Fortunes; Friends; Friendship; Granting; Greatness; Happiness; Hearts; Horses; Joking; Journeys; Joy; Kissing; Laughing; Life; Luck; Merry; Metaphor; Metaphor: Luck as Rose; Peace; Rich; Roses; Simplicity; Thorns; Trouble; Wine; Wise
First LineZwar schuf das Gl├╝ck hinieden (Search)
Average Duration1:45 (Search)
Year of composition 1815 (Search)
Musical FormStrophic (Search)
Original LanguageGerman (Search)
Score Source
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Catalog DesignationD. 320 (Search)
Range: C#4 - F#5 (Search)
Original KeyA Major (Search)
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