All We Know

Song TitleAll We Know (Search)
Composer(s):Joseph Rubinstein
Composer Underrepresented GroupLGBTQ+; Jewish (Search)
Author(s):Melisa Tien
Author Underrepresented GroupPOC; Female (Search)
Keyword(s) & Features: Absence; Air; Birds; Bombarding; Driveways; Fear; Freezing; Leaving; Loneliness; Longing; Military; Moving On; News; Rude; Scattering; Scavenging; Seeds; Signals; Squirrels; Static; Stinging; Suburbia; Sweeping; Unplugging; Warnings; Wars; Winter
First LineNo more birds (Search)
Average Duration3:00 (Search)
Year of composition 2018 (Search)
Larger WorkDaylight Saving (Search)
Musical FormThrough-composed (Search)
Original LanguageEnglish (Search)
Score Source (Search)
Difficulty LevelCollege (Search)
Voice part suggested by composerSoprano
Range: B3 - G5 (Search)
Dedicated ToGenevieve McGahey (Search)
ContributorJoseph Rubinstein; GTM , Joseph Rubinstein (Search)
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