Song TitleL'automne (Search)
Composer(s):Henry Février
Author(s):Stéphen Liégeard
Keyword(s) & Features: Autumn; Avowals; Birds; Black; Clearings; Distaves; Dreaming; Echoes; Evening; Flight; Flowing; Gazing; Gold; Hair; Images; Joyful; Kisses; Lovers; Metaphor: Love as Seasons; Metaphor: Lovers as Birds; Mirrors; Nature; October; Painful Love; Past Love; Professions; Reflecting; Regret; Risking; Seasons; Silver; Snow; Sonnet; Spring; Streams; Sweet; Tears; Tender; Thread; Thrushes; Treasure; Unanswered Love; Unhappy Love; Unrequited Love; Virgin Mary; Wandering; Water; Wetting; Wingbeats; Wings; Woods; Years
First LinePar les ceps déjà noirs (Search)
Average Duration3:00 (Search)
Year of composition 1918 (Search) Circa
Link to English Text Onlinehttp://www.lieder.net/lieder/get_text.html?TextId=128270
Larger WorkLes saisons (Search)
Musical FormThrough-composed (Search)
Original LanguageFrench (Search)
Range: Eb4 - Ab5 (Search)
Original KeyVarious (Search)
ContributorGTM (Search)
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