Auf den Sieg der Deutschen

Song TitleAuf den Sieg der Deutschen (Search)
Composer(s):Franz Schubert
Keyword(s) & Features: Achieving; Alexander; Altars; Appearing; Austria; Avenging; Bands; Battles; Benefits; Bloody; Brains; Brothers; Building; Cannons; Chains; Competition; Creatures; Crowns; Crying; Curses; Deaf; Death; Deciding; Deeds; Despair; Disappearing; Ears; Echoing; Emperors; Evil; Fatherland; Fields; Fire; Fleeing; Forms; France; Franz; German; God; Hands; Hearts; Heaven; Heavy; Homeland; Humanity; Hyenas; Millions; Misery; Monsters; Murdering; Nations; Noble; Offering; Oppression; Pain; Palms; Peace; Proposals; REducing; Rejoicing; Remaining; Rising; Satan; Sighing; Slavery; Snapping; Sons; Spreading; States; Thunder; Towns; Travelers; Twenty; Tyrants; Vanquishing; Victory; Wasting; Whipping; Wilhelm; Wishing; Wrath; Years; Armies; Casualties; Conflicts; Death; Defeating; Destruction; Determination; Fighting; Firearms; History; Killing; Military; Motivation; Nationalism; Pride; Recounting; Soldiers; Stories; Terror; Violence; Warfare; Weapons; Winning
First LineVerschwunden sind die Schmerzen (Search)
Average Duration4:00 (Search)
Year of composition 1813 (Search)
Link to English Text Online
Musical FormStrophic (Search)
Original LanguageGerman (Search)
Score Source
Audio Source
Catalog DesignationD. 81 (Search)
Range: C4 - D5 (Search)
Original KeyF Major (Search)
Trivial or Important references and connectionsPoetry may be attributed to Schubert (Search)
Other instrumentation and voiceVoice & strings (Search)
ContributorAL (Search)
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