La mer est infinie

Song TitleLa mer est infinie (Search)
Composer(s):Gabriel Fauré
Author(s):Jean de La Ville de Mirmont
Keyword(s) & Features: Air; Birds; Bitterness; Breezes; Carrying; Cliffs; Consoling; Crazy; Dancing; Dreams; Drunk; Flight; Flighty; Foam; Folds; Following; Gulls; Hearts; Infinite; Lashing; Mad; Motion; Oceans; Playing; Pleasure; Salt; Scalding; Seagulls; Seas; Shaking; Ships; Singing; Sun; Tasting; Tears; Tumbling; Vast; Wakes; Washing; Waves; Wild; Boats; Metaphor; Nature; Part of a song cycle; Personification: dreams; Personification: Seas; Seascapes; Traveling
First LineLa mer est infinie et mes rêves sont fous. (Search)
Average Duration1:30 (Search)
Year of composition 1921 (Search)
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Larger WorkL'horizon chimérique (Search)
Musical FormThrough-composed (Search)
Original LanguageFrench (Search)
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Catalog DesignationOp. 118 no. 1 (Search)
Voice part suggested by composerBaritone
Range: D4 - E5 (Search)
Original KeyD Major (Search)
Dedicated ToCharles Panzera (Search)
ContributorGTM (Search)
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