Ballade à la lune

Song TitleBallade à la lune (Search)
Composer(s):Claude Debussy
Author(s):Alfred de Musset
Keyword(s) & Features: Arms; Balls; Bars; Beauty; Blindness; Blue; Bodies; Bumping; Cherubim; Clocks; Counting; Crescents; Damned; Dark; Darkness; Dragging; Dying; End; Eternity; Evening; Eyes; Faces; Fading; Fair one; Falling; Fat; Gloomy; Gnawing; Hanging; Heaven; Hell; Horns; Hours; Iron; Legs; Long; Masks; Moon; Mountains; Narrow; Night; Oceans; Pale; Phoebe; Points; ringing; Rolling; Seas; Shadows; Silhouettes; Sitting; Snow; Spiders; Spirits; Staring; Steeples; Stretching; Suspicion; Thread; Traveling; Trees; Walking; Wind; Windows; Worms; Wrinkles; Yellow; Addressee: Moon; Angels; Asking; Changing seasons; Churches; Comparisons; Creativity; Greek mythology; Imagery; Imagination; Light; Observing; Passage of time; Personification: Moon; Power of nature; Questioning; Shapes; Similes; Sky; Symbols; Tides; Time; Water; Wondering
First LineC'était dans la nuit brune (Search)
Year of composition 1879 (Search)
Author's associated movements or -isms or GroupsRomanticism (Search)
Original LanguageFrench (Search)
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Catalog DesignationL 1 (Search)
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