L'Abri (The shelter)

Song TitleL'Abri (The shelter) (Search)
Composer(s):Ernest Bloch
Author(s):Béatrix Rodès
Author Underrepresented GroupFemale (Search)
Keyword(s) & Features: Abandonment; Allowing; Arid; Arms; Asking; Beating; Beige; Body; Branches; Brutalizing; Clouds; Cold; Collapsing; Crazy; Cries; cruel; Dark; Dim; Distress; Dreams; Dry; Dying; Earth; Entering; Enveloping; Evil; Exhausted; Expressions; Faces; Feeling; Feet; Finding; Firesides; Flesh; Flying; Following; Furious; Gestures; Going; Grand; Hair; Hands; Happiness; Hearts; Heavy; Houses; Ill; Landscapes; Leaves; Lips; Listening; Long; Loose; Love; Moistening; Mud; Naked; Night; Nostalgic; Odd; Oppressed; Outlines; Painful; Passion; Pathetic; Paths; Pinching; Plaintive; Plucking; Protesting; Puddles; Rain; Reflecting; Remaining; Resting; Rhythms; Rivers; Seagulls; Shades; Shelters; Shoulders; Sick; Skinning; Slow; Sobs; Spinning; Staying; Stiff; Stones; Stormy; Strange; Stumbling; Sun; Surrounding; Taking; Telling; Tenderness; Throwing; Tints; Tired; Tormented; Transports; Trees; Trembling; Twilight; Unknown; Unpleasant; Uttering; Vast; Voices; Waiting; Walks; Warm; Watchful; Waves; Wicked; Wind; Words; Autumn; Dreaming; Fall; Hallucinating; Hallucinations; Storms; Visions
First LineJ’écoute la voix de mon rêve… (Search)
Year of composition 1906 (Search)
Larger WorkPoèmes d'Automne (Search)
Original LanguageFrench (Search)
Score Source https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=pst.000011577522;view=1up;seq=1
Catalog DesignationNo. 2 (Search)
Voice part suggested by composerMezzo-soprano
Range: C#4 - G5 (Search)
Original KeyE major (Search)
Orchestra and voice?Yes (Search)
Other instrumentation and voiceString quartet (Search)
ContributorGTM (Search)
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