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Exact Year: 1953

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Song TitleComposer(s)Author(s)
Promiscuity Samuel Barber Anonymous
Sea-Snatch Samuel Barber Anonymous
The Desire for Hermitage Samuel Barber Anonymous
The Monk and His Cat Samuel Barber Anonymous
The Praises of God Samuel Barber Anonymous
St. Ita's Vision Samuel Barber St. Ita
Ca' the yowes Benjamin Britten (arr.) Robert Burns
Sally in our Alley Benjamin Britten (arr.) Henry Carey
The Brisk Young Widow Benjamin Britten (arr.) Cecil Sharp
Early one morning Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
The Lincolnshire Poacher Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
The Bird and the Beast Celius Dougherty Sir Ernest Gowers (attr.)
O Death, rock me asleep John Edmunds Anonymous (possibly Anne Boleyn)
Kings and Shepherds John Edmunds Anonymous
My gostly fader John Edmunds Anonymous
The faucon John Edmunds Anonymous
The First Day when Christ was Born John Edmunds Anonymous
True love doth pass away John Edmunds William Blake
The Shepherd Boy Sings John Edmunds John Bunyan
To Mistress Margaret Falconbridge John Edmunds Robert Herrick
The Isle of Portland John Edmunds A. E. Housman (Alfred Edward)
The Daisies John Edmunds James Stephens
Barney Ross John Edmunds Traditional
Billy boy John Edmunds Traditional
Come all you fair and tender ladies John Edmunds Traditional
Every night when the sun goes in John Edmunds Traditional
Fare you well John Edmunds Traditional
I know my love John Edmunds Traditional
On top of Old Smokey John Edmunds Traditional
Praise we the Lord John Edmunds Traditional
The Ballad of the Cherry Tree John Edmunds Traditional
The Crawfish Song John Edmunds Traditional
The Resurrection John Edmunds Traditional
Lilliburlero John Edmunds Lord Thomas, 1st Marquess of Wharton PC Wharton
O Sweet Everlasting Voices John Edmunds William Butler Yeats
The Countess Cathleen John Edmunds William Butler Yeats
The Hazel Wood John Edmunds William Butler Yeats
The Salley Gardens John Edmunds William Butler Yeats
Wenlock Edge John Edmunds William Butler Yeats
Beautiful Dreamer Stephen Collins Foster Stephen Collins Foster
Schlagende Herzen Richard Strauss Otto Julius Bierbaum