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Composer, underrepresented group: Female and Jewish

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Song TitleComposer(s)Author(s)
Gold of the Day and Night Marion Eugénie Bauer Katharine Adams
The Driftwood Fire Marion Eugénie Bauer Katharine Adams
Here alone unknown Marion Eugénie Bauer Conrad Aiken
How doth the little crocodile Marion Eugénie Bauer Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (as Lewis Carroll)
To losers Marion Eugénie Bauer Frances Frost
When the shy star goes forth Marion Eugénie Bauer James Joyce
The Minstrel of Romance Marion Eugénie Bauer John Reed
Lad and Lass Marion Eugénie Bauer Cale Young Rice
Night in the Woods Marion Eugénie Bauer Edward Rowland Sill
The linnet is tuning her flute Marion Eugénie Bauer Louis Untermeyer (and Anonymous, possibly the composer)
The Epitaph of a Butterfly Marion Eugénie Bauer Thomas Walsh
Roses Breathe in the Night Marion Eugénie Bauer Margaret Widdemer
My faun Marion Eugénie Bauer Oscar Wilde
Amarillis Lauren Bernofsky Robert Herrick
An Epitaph Upon a Child Lauren Bernofsky Robert Herrick
The Frozen Heart Lauren Bernofsky Robert Herrick
The Spell Lauren Bernofsky Robert Herrick
The Succession of the Foure Sweet Months Lauren Bernofsky Robert Herrick
The New Colossus Lauren Bernofsky Emma Lazarus
Mother dear Estelle Liebling (arr.) Yvonne Ravell
a wind has blown the rain away Ellen Mandel E. E. (Edward Estlin) Cummings
The Voice Ellen Mandel Thomas Hardy
I So Liked Spring Ellen Mandel Charlotte Mew
Gray Room Ellen Mandel Wallace Stevens
To an Isle in the Water Ellen Mandel William Butler Yeats
Wild geese Rhéa Silberta Annie Crim Leavenworth
Lullaby for Judith Rhéa Silberta Marjorie White
You shall have your red rose Rhéa Silberta Oscar Wilde
Daughters of Silence Joelle Wallach Inger Byer (Donnelly, Susan; Kashishhe, Laura)
Cantares de los Perdis (Songs of the Lost) Joelle Wallach Federico García Lorca
Alleycat Love Song Joelle Wallach Dana Gioia
PAX Joelle Wallach D.H. Lawrence
Dancing Toward Dusk Joelle Wallach Charlotte Mary Mew (Li, Po; DeWitt, Samuel Aaron)
Basket Joelle Wallach Sara Ann Winn