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Song TitleComposer(s)Author(s)
Love Duet ("I Hear Your Voice So Clearly") - generously provided by the H. Leslie Adams Daniel E. Mayers
Cedar - generously provided by the T. J. (Thomas Jefferson) Anderson Jr. Elye Alexander
Parla Luigi Arditi Anonymous
Careless love Ernst Bacon Traditional
Dim, Dim is my Eye Ludwig van Beethoven William Brown
Farewell bliss and farewell Nancy Ludwig van Beethoven Robert Burns (and Anne Grant)
Dermot and Shelah Ludwig van Beethoven T. Toms
Rich or poor Sir Arthur Bliss W.H. Davies
The Shooting of His Dear Benjamin Britten (arr.) E. J. Moeran
Come you not from Newcastle? Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Sweet Polly Oliver Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
The trees they grow so high Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Énée et Didon André Campra Louis Fuzelier
I know my love Rebecca Clarke Traditional
In lust und Schmerzen Peter Cornelius Peter Cornelius
What the Bullet sang Celius Dougherty Bret Harte
Er liebt nur mich allein (Swiss echo song) Carl Anton Florian Eckert Anonymous
True love doth pass away John Edmunds William Blake
Come all you fair and tender ladies John Edmunds Traditional
Every night when the sun goes in John Edmunds Traditional
I know my love John Edmunds Traditional
On top of Old Smokey John Edmunds Traditional
By the bend of the river Clara Edwards Clara Edwards (as Bernard Haig)
In the dawn Sir Edward Elgar Arthur Christopher Benson
Rêve d’Amour Gabriel Fauré Victor Hugo
Notre amour Gabriel Fauré Armand Silvestre
Willow song Edmund Horace Fellowes Anonymous
Je saute, je danse Gustave Ferrari Emma Laure Esther Guilbert (as Yvette Guilbert)
L'été Henry Février Stéphen Liégeard
I need not go Gerald Finzi Thomas Hardy
As I lay in the early sun Gerald Finzi Edward Shanks
L'amour toujours l'amour Rudolf Friml Catherine Chisholm Cushing
The Man I Love George Gershwin Ira Gershwin
Little girl in blue Vittorio Giannini (as G. Victor) Karl Flaster (as Charles Urdell)
If I had known Vittorio Giannini Karl Flaster
Pensi a me sì fido amante Franz Joseph Haydn Anonymous
Al tuo seno fortunato Franz Joseph Haydn Carlo Francesco Badini
Softly waft, ye southern breezes James Hook Anonymous
My love is gone to sea Francis Hopkinson Francis Hopkinson
A Madrigal (Before Me Careless Lying) Herbert Howells Austin Dobson
I know my love Herbert Hughes (arr.) Traditional
La paloma Sebastián de Iradier [Yradier] Sebastián de Iradier [Yradier]
Chanson de Marie Antoinette Myron Jacobson (arr.) Marie Antoinette
Le coeur de ma mie Emile Jaques-Dalcroze Emile Jaques-Dalcroze
Bella moro per te Giovanni Legrenzi Nicolò Beregan
Black-eyed Susan Richard Leveridge John Gay
Ah, thou beloved one Mischa Levitzki Bertha Galland
Mother dear Estelle Liebling (arr.) Yvonne Ravell
Per questa bella mano Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Anonymous
Giunse alfin il momento... Al desio di chi t'adora Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Lorenzo Da Ponte
If I had a ribbon bow John Jacob Niles John Jacob Niles
A gipsy maiden, I Henry Parker Nella
A partridge in a pear tree Daniel Pinkham Anonymous
The little gray dove Louis Victor Saar Fred G. Bowles
Ali mat' menja rozhala; Али мать меня рожала (Did mother give me life; Was it the mother who bore me; Had my mother borne me) Pyotr Il′yich Tchaikovsky (Пётр Ильич Чайковский) Lev Aleksandrovich Mey (Мей, Лев Александрович (after Teofil Lenartowicz))
The distracted maid Peter Warlock (pseudonym of Philip Heseltine) Anonymous
Chopcherry Peter Warlock (pseudonym of Philip Heseltine) George Peele
Whenas the rye reach to the chin Peter Warlock (pseudonym of Philip Heseltine) George Peele
We two (In this our world) Elinor Remick Warren Corrina D. Dodge
We two (Shine! Shine!) Elinor Remick Warren Walt Whitman
Jägerlied Hugo Wolf Eduard Mörike