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Song TitleComposer(s)Author(s)
The linnet is tuning her flute Marion Eugénie Bauer Louis Untermeyer
Ich sagte nicht Amy Marcy Beach Eduard Wissman
In vain to this desert Ludwig van Beethoven Robert and Grant, Anne Burns
Lied aus der Ferne Ludwig van Beethoven C. L. Reissig (Christian Ludwig)
Se... Luigi Denza Eugenio Mancini
o by the by Celius Dougherty Edward Estlin (as E. E. Cummings)
I look into my glass Gerald Finzi Thomas Hardy
Night of Frost in May Charles Ives George Meredith
Landscape III: Prairie Spring Libby Larsen Willa Cather
The Hills of Gruzia Nikolai Mednikoff Alice Mattulath (after Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin)
Die Liebe Klaus Miehling Else Lasker-Schüler
La tourterelle Darius Milhaud Léo Latil
Notte Ottorino Respighi Ada Negri
Abendlied Franz Schubert Anonymous