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Song TitleComposer(s)Author(s)
The faithful lover Thomas Augustine Arne Anonymous
The World Feels Dusty Aaron Copland Emily Dickinson
Song of the Dagger Charles T. Griffes Alma Strettell (after Traditional)
On a fly drinking out of his cup Paul Hindemith William Oldys
Serenata indiana Ottorino Respighi Roberto Ascoli (after Percy Bysshe Shelley)
Pioggia Ottorino Respighi Vittoria Aganoor Pompilj
La sombra (Yaraví) Pascual de Rogatis Miguel Andrés Camino
Neue Liebe Anton Grigor’yevich Rubinstein (Рубинштейн, Антон Григорьевич) Emanuel Geibel
Wasserflut Franz Schubert Wilhelm Müller
Blindes Schauen, dunkle Leuchte Hugo Wolf Paul Heyse (after Rodrigo Cota de Maguaque)
Zur Warnung Hugo Wolf Eduard Mörike