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Song TitleComposer(s)Author(s)
Under the greenwood tree Thomas Augustine Arne William Shakespeare
Knoxville, summer of 1915 Samuel Barber James Agee
Invocation (Invocation) Ernest Bloch Béatrix Rodès
Le déclin (The waning) Ernest Bloch Béatrix Rodès
As it is plenty Benjamin Britten W. H. Auden (Wystan Hugh)
Les pieds nus Alfred Bruneau Catulle Mendès
Think no more, lad George Butterworth A. E. Housman (Alfred Edward)
Under the greenwood tree Arturo Buzzi-Peccia William Shakespeare
Chanson d'automne John Alden Carpenter Paul Verlaine
Sombrero Cécile Chaminade Edouard Guinand
Under the greenwood tree Eric Coates William Shakespeare
Chanson d'automne Fredrick Delius Paul Verlaine
Under the greenwood tree Myles Birket Foster William Shakespeare
Under the greenwood tree Ivor Gurney William Shakespeare
Chanson d'Automne Reynaldo Hahn Paul Verlaine
The Greatest Man Charles Ives Anne Collins
Rough Wind Charles Ives Percy Bysshe Shelley
Under the greenwood tree Roger Quilter William Shakespeare
Einsamkeit Franz Schubert Johann Mayrhofer
Heliopolis I Franz Schubert Johann Mayrhofer
Memnon Franz Schubert Johann Mayrhofer
Orest auf Tauris Franz Schubert Johann Mayrhofer
Der liebliche Stern Franz Schubert Ernst Konrad Friedrich Schulze
Über Wildemann Franz Schubert Ernst Konrad Friedrich Schulze
Schneeglöckchen Robert Schumann Anonymous
Setze mir nicht, du Grobian Robert Schumann Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Der Bräutigam und die Birke Robert Schumann Gustav Pfarrius
Think no more, Lad, laugh, be jolly Arthur Somervell Alfred Edward Housmand