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Song TitleComposer(s)Author(s)
Winter Dominick Argento William Shakespeare
Where the bee sucks Thomas Augustine Arne William Shakespeare
Where the Bee Sucks Frederic Ayres William Shakespeare
Where the bee sucks Ernst Bacon William Shakespeare
The Driftwood Fire Marion Eugénie Bauer Katharine Adams
Come draw we round a cheerful ring Ludwig van Beethoven Joanna Baillie
This Night Sir Arthur Bliss W.H. Davies
Midnight's bell goes ting, ting, ting Benjamin Britten Thomas Middleton
Rondel chinois Claude Debussy Anonymous
Come down to Kew Carl Deis Alfred Noyes
The Bird and the Beast Celius Dougherty Sir Ernest Gowers (attr.)
Be Still As You Are Beautiful John Woods Duke Patrick MacDonogh
Le hibou Louis Durey Guillaume Apollinaire
Melancholy Sir Eugene Goossens John Fletcher
The owl and the pussy-cat Sandor Harmati Edward Lear
Someone came knocking at my door Edward Harris Walter De la Mare
Où butine l'abeille Arthur Honegger Guy de Portales (after William Shakespeare)
Sweet Suffolk Owl Richard Hundley Anonymous
Incantation Charles Ives George Gordon Byron, Baron, 'Lord' Byron
Gastibelza Franz Liszt Victor Hugo
Abend-Lied Klaus Miehling Adolf von Winterfeld (after Carl Michael Bellman)
When icicles hang by the wall Roger Quilter William Shakespeare
Die Nacht Franz Schubert Edmund von Harold (after James Macpherson (as translator of "Ossian"))
Abendlied Franz Schubert Friedrich Leopold zu, Graf Stolberg-Stolberg
Warnung Robert Schumann Gustav Pfarrius
Das Käuzlein Robert Schumann Traditional
Ali mat' menja rozhala; Али мать меня рожала (Did mother give me life; Was it the mother who bore me; Had my mother borne me) Pyotr Il′yich Tchaikovsky (Пётр Ильич Чайковский) Lev Aleksandrovich Mey (Мей, Лев Александрович (after Teofil Lenartowicz))
Where the bee sucks Sir Michael Tippett William Shakespeare