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Song TitleComposer(s)Author(s)
Could This Ill World Have Been Contriv'd Ludwig van Beethoven James Hogg
The Chariots of the Lord Sir Edward Elgar Rev. John (D.D.) Brownlie
The Wind at Dawn Sir Edward Elgar Caroline Alice Elgar
Varuna II (The Waters) Gustav Holst Gustav after Bible/Sacred Texts Holst
In the deep hush of a star-jeweled night A. Walter Kramer Charles Hanson Towne
They might not need me Lori Laitman Emily Dickinson
Song of the open Frank La Forge Jessica Hawley Lowell
Gebet Franz Liszt Friedrich Bodenstedt (after Mikhail Lermontov)
Gentle Mary Raymond McFeeters (arr.) Martha Daughn Locker
Weil' auf mir, du dunkles Auge Klaus Miehling Nikolaus Lenau
An die Leier Franz Schubert Ritter von Bruchmann Franz
Der Graf von Habsburg Franz Schubert Friedrich Schiller
Romanze des Richard Löwenherz Franz Schubert Walter Scott