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Just for Today Jane Bingham Abbott Samuel Wilberforce
Ljublju tebja; Люблю тебя! (I love you) Aleksandr Aljabjev (Аля́бьев, Алекса́ндр Алекса́ндрович) Anonymous
Kogda, dusha, prosilas' ty; Когда, душа, просилась ты (Elegy) Aleksandr Aljabjev (Аля́бьев, Алекса́ндр Алекса́ндрович) A. A. (Anton Antonovich) Delʹvig (Анто́н Анто́нович Де́львиг)
Staryj muzh, groznyj muzh; Старый муж, грозный муж (Old husband, stern husband, Gypsy Song) Aleksandr Aljabjev (Аля́бьев, Алекса́ндр Алекса́ндрович) Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin
Parla Luigi Arditi Anonymous
Diaphenia Dominick Argento Henry Constable
in Spring comes Dominick Argento E. E. Cummings
How are the mighty fallen! Brian C. Armbrust Biblical text
Under the greenwood tree Thomas Augustine Arne William Shakespeare
When forced from dear Hebe to go Thomas Augustine Arne William Shenstone
O Jesulein süss Johann Sebastian Bach Valentin Thilo
Posate, dormite Giovanni Battista Bassani Anonymous
Shieling song Sir Arnold Bax Fiona McLeod
The Artless Maid Amy Marcy Beach Louise Barili
Ariette Amy Marcy Beach Percy Bysshe Shelley
O Mary, at Thy Window Be Ludwig van Beethoven Robert Burns
Farewell bliss and farewell Nancy Ludwig van Beethoven Robert and Grant, Anne Burns
Oh, Had My Fate Been Join'd With Thine Ludwig van Beethoven George Gordon Byron, Baron, 'Lord' Byron
Die Liebe des Nächsten Ludwig van Beethoven Christian Fürchtegott Gellert
Nei giorni tuoi felici Ludwig van Beethoven Pietro Metastasio
Hide not thy anguish Ludwig van Beethoven William Smyth
The Sweetest Lad was Jamie Ludwig van Beethoven William Smyth
Como la mariposa Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
Já no quiero embarcarme Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
Una paloma blanca Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
Le petit pigeon bleu Louis Beydts Paul Fort
Ma vie a son secret Georges Bizet Félix Arvers
N'oublions pas! Georges Bizet Jules Barbier
Rêve de la bien aimée Georges Bizet Louis de Courmont
Berceuse Georges Bizet Marceline Desbordes-Valmore
Aimons! Rêvons! Georges Bizet Paul Ferrier
Aubade Georges Bizet Paul Ferrier
Voyage Georges Bizet Philippe Gille
La sirène Georges Bizet Catulle Mendès
Adieux à Suzon Georges Bizet Louis Charles Alfred de Musset
Sonnet Georges Bizet Pierre de Ronsard
Qui donc t'aimera mieux? Georges Bizet Jules-Henri Vernoy
La brise Louis Boieldieu Étienne Hugny
How to swing those obbligatos around William Bolcom Alice Fulton
Pity me not because the light of day William Bolcom Edna St. Vincent Millay
Angels Are the Highest Form of Virtue William Bolcom Arnold Weinstein
Fur (Murray the Furrier) William Bolcom Arnold Weinstein
Over the Piano William Bolcom Arnold Weinstein
Per la gloria Giovanni Battista Bononcini Paolo Rolli
Au pied de mon lit Lili Boulanger Francis Jammes
Nous nous aimerons tant Lili Boulanger Francis Jammes
Parfois, je suis triste Lili Boulanger Francis Jammes
Soir d'hiver Nadia Boulanger Nadia Boulanger
Chanson Nadia Boulanger Geroges Delaquys
The fairy pipers Sir Herbert Brewer Fred E. Weatherly
Thy hand in mine Frank Bridge Mary E. Coleridge
Pray goody Benjamin Britten (arr.) Charles Burney
Sally in our Alley Benjamin Britten (arr.) Henry Carey
Dink's Song Benjamin Britten (arr.) John and Alan Lomax Lomax
The Brisk Young Widow Benjamin Britten (arr.) Cecil Sharp
Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn (I was lonely and forlorn) Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Come you not from Newcastle? Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Greensleeves Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Lemady Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Le roi s'en va-t'en chasse Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
O Waly, Waly Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
She's like the swallow Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Sweet Polly Oliver Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
The Stream in the Valley Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
The trees they grow so high Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Calypso Benjamin Britten W. H. Auden (Wystan Hugh)
Johnny Benjamin Britten W. H. Auden (Wystan Hugh)
Tell me the truth about love Benjamin Britten W. H. Auden (Wystan Hugh)
Sally in our Alley Benjamin Britten Henry Carey
Encinctured with a twine of leaves Benjamin Britten Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Le sabot de frêne Alfred Bruneau Catulle Mendès
The sailor's wife Henry Thacker Burleigh Mary Stewart Cutting
Look not in my eyes George Butterworth A. E. Housman (Alfred Edward)
El morenito Arturo Buzzi-Peccia Arturo Buzzi-Peccia
Under the greenwood tree Arturo Buzzi-Peccia William Shakespeare
Tu ch'hai le penne, amore Giulio Caccini Ottavio Rinuccini
Joy Charles Wakefield Cadman Elsie Long
Sebben crudele Antonio Caldara Anonymous
Selve amiche, ombrose piante Antonio Caldara Anonymous
Faine would I wed a faire yong man Thomas Campion Thomas Campion
Énée et Didon André Campra Louis Fuzelier
Viens! une flûte invisible soupire André Caplet Victor Hugo
Bid Me to Live John Alden Carpenter Robert Herrick
Dansons la gigue! John Alden Carpenter Paul Verlaine
Her voice John Alden Carpenter Oscar Wilde
Voyage Elliott Carter Hart Crane
That Night with the Green Sky Christopher Cerrone Tao Lin
Toutes les fleurs Emmanuel Chabrier Edmond Rostand
Credo d'amour Emmanuel Chabrier Armand Silvestre
Ritournelle Cécile Chaminade François Coppée
Mon coeur chante Cécile Chaminade Charles Fuster
Malgré nous Cécile Chaminade Rosemonde Gérard
Berceuse Cécile Chaminade Edouard Guinand
Trahison Cécile Chaminade Edouard Guinand
L'amour captif Cécile Chaminade Thérèse Maquet
Alleluia Cécile Chaminade Paul Mariéton
La demoiselle Cécile Chaminade Robert Myriel
Portrait (Valse chantée) Cécile Chaminade Pierre Reyniel
Si j'étais jardinier Cécile Chaminade Léo Roger-Milès
L'idéal Cécile Chaminade René-François Sully-Prudhomme
Les couronnes Ernest Chausson Camille Mauclair
...Summer into Autumn Slips Tom Cipullo Emily Dickinson
The Seal Man Rebecca Clarke John Masefield
I know my love Rebecca Clarke Traditional
I know where I'm goin' Rebecca Clarke Traditional
Shy one Rebecca Clarke William Yeats
The Cloths of Heaven Rebecca Clarke William Yeats
Greeting Rebecca Clarke Ella Young
When I was young Judith Cloud Betty Andrews
My lover he comes on the skee Henry Clough-Leighter Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen
Under the greenwood tree Eric Coates William Shakespeare
Air Sérieux: La Pastorelle François Couperin Anonymous
La lettre de Geneviève Claude Debussy Maurice Maeterlinck
Que l'heure est donc brève Léo Delibes Armand Silvestre
Easter song Charles Dennée John Newton
Torna! Luigi Denza Rocco Emanuele Pagliara
Amorosi miei giorni Stefano Donaudy Alberto Donaudy
Date abbiento al mio dolor Stefano Donaudy Alberto Donaudy
Dormendo stai Stefano Donaudy Alberto Donaudy
Luoghi sereni e cari Stefano Donaudy Alberto Donaudy
Or che le rèdole Stefano Donaudy Alberto Donaudy
Quelle labbra non son rose Stefano Donaudy Alberto Donaudy
Sento nel core Stefano Donaudy Alberto Donaudy
Se tra l'erba Stefano Donaudy Alberto Donaudy
Sorge il sol! Che fai tu! Stefano Donaudy Alberto Donaudy
Tregua non ho Stefano Donaudy Alberto Donaudy
Vaghissima sembianza Stefano Donaudy Alberto Donaudy
La conocchia Gaetano Donizetti Folksong
Il giuramento Gaetano Donizetti Michele Palazzolo
L'amante spagnuolo Gaetano Donizetti Leopoldo Tarantini
The Children's letter to the United Nations Celius Dougherty Children of Public School No. 90 (Queens, New York)
Green Meadows Celius Dougherty Celius Dougherty
thy fingers make early flowers Celius Dougherty Edward Estlin (as E. E. Cummings)
My Love is Mine Jonathan Dove Song of Songs
The Cloths of Heaven Thomas Dunhill William Yeats
La Chèvre du Thibet Louis Durey Guillaume Apollinaire
La colombe Louis Durey Guillaume Apollinaire
La puce Louis Durey Guillaume Apollinaire
Le hibou Louis Durey Guillaume Apollinaire
Le poulpe Louis Durey Guillaume Apollinaire
Er liebt nur mich allein (Swiss echo song) Carl Anton Florian Eckert Unknown
Come all you fair and tender ladies John Edmunds Traditional
Fare you well John Edmunds Traditional
Praise we the Lord John Edmunds Traditional
In the dawn Sir Edward Elgar Arthur Christopher Benson
Sabbath Morning at Sea Sir Edward Elgar Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Is she not passing fair? Sir Edward Elgar Luisa Stuart after Charles, Duc d'Orléans Costello
The Torch Sir Edward Elgar Pietro, after a folkson d'Alba
In Haven Sir Edward Elgar Caroline Alice Elgar
The Swimmer Sir Edward Elgar Adam Lindsay Gordon
Rondel Sir Edward Elgar Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (after Jean Froissart)
Oh, Soft was the Song Sir Edward Elgar Sir Gilbert Parker
Was it some Golden Star? Sir Edward Elgar Sir Gilbert Parker
Content Blair Fairchild John Banister Tabb
Canción Manuel de Falla (arr.) Traditional
Jota Manuel de Falla (arr.) Traditional
Lungi, lungi è amor da me Giovanni Battista Fasolo Anonymous
Sérénade Toscane Gabriel Fauré Anonymous
Sylvie Gabriel Fauré Paul de Choudens
Tristesse Gabriel Fauré Théophile Gautier
Madrigal (Celle que j'aime) Gabriel Fauré Edmond Haraucourt (after Shakespeare)
Rêve d’Amour Gabriel Fauré Victor Hugo
Vaisseaux, nour vour aurons aimés Gabriel Fauré Jean de La Ville de Mirmont
Madrigal (Inhumaines qui, sans merci) Gabriel Fauré Armand Silvestre
J'ai presque peur, en vérité Gabriel Fauré Paul Verlaine
If Ever Two Were One Frank Felice Anne Bradstreet
Le beau galant Gustave Ferrari Traditional
Le jardin d'amour Gustave Ferrari Traditional
Mon pèr' m'envoi-t-à l'herbe Gustave Ferrari Traditional
L'été Henry Février Stéphen Liégeard
Since we loved Gerald Finzi Robert Bridges
Only the wanderer Gerald Finzi Ivor Gurney
Budmouth Dears Gerald Finzi Thomas Hardy
Ditty Gerald Finzi Thomas Hardy
Former beauties Gerald Finzi Thomas Hardy
Her temple Gerald Finzi Thomas Hardy
I need not go Gerald Finzi Thomas Hardy
I say, "I'll seek her" Gerald Finzi Thomas Hardy
The sigh Gerald Finzi Thomas Hardy
Two Lips Gerald Finzi Thomas Hardy
Under the greenwood tree Myles Birket Foster William Shakespeare
Celle que je préfère Félix Fourdrain André Alexandre
Lasciar d'amarti Francesco Gasparini Anonymous
Chacarera Alberto Ginastera Traditional
Zamba Alberto Ginastera Traditional
Ein Traum Edvard Grieg Friedrich Bodenstedt
Die verschwiegene Nachtigall Edvard Grieg Karl after Walther von der Vogelweide Simrock
All Night Under the Moon Ivor Gurney Wilfrid Gibson
Under the greenwood tree Ivor Gurney William Shakespeare
Is it you? Richard Hageman Robert Nathan
Belle lune d’argent Reynaldo Hahn Ioannis Papadiamantopoulos (as Jean Moréas)
The fallen oak Reynaldo Hahn Agnes Mary Frances Robinson
Ma jeunesse Reynaldo Hahn Elena Văcărescu (Hélène Vacaresco)
A Prayer Juliana Hall Sara Teasdale
Barter Juliana Hall Sara Teasdale
The holy infant Edward Harris John McClure
I love you Charles Haubiel André Tellier
Hör Nachbar, ach sag mir (Pastorale) Joseph Haydn Anonymous
Un tetto umil Joseph Haydn Anonymous
Das Leben ist ein Traum Joseph Haydn Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Gleim
Fidelity Joseph Haydn Anne Hunter
La belle dame sans merci Paul Hindemith John Keats
On hearing "The last rose of summer" Paul Hindemith Charles Wolfe
Where the music comes from Lee Hoiby Lee Hoiby
Jesu sweet Gustav Holst Anonymous
My Leman is so true Gustav Holst Anonymous
The thought Gustav Holst Humbert Wolfe
Gin a body meet a body (Comin' thro' the rye) Helen Hopekirk Robert Burns
L'âne blanc Georges Hüe Léon (as Tristan Klingsor) Leclère
Thou Whom We Call God Sarah Hutchings Max Ehrmann
The Sacred Flame John Ireland Mary Coleridge
Love is a sickness full of woes John Ireland Samuel Daniel
Ladslove John Ireland Alfred Edward Housman
The heart's desire John Ireland Alfred Edward Housman
The vain desire John Ireland Alfred Edward Housman
The Trellis John Ireland Aldous Huxley
Hope the Hornblower John Ireland Sir Henry Newbolt
Baby John Ireland Christina Rossetti
My true love hath my heart John Ireland Philip Sidney
My Native Land (version I) Charles Ives Charles Ives (after Heinrich Heine trans. Eduard Lassen)
Chanson de Marie Antoinette Myron Jacobson (arr.) Marie Antoinette
Isle of my heart (Eilean mo Chridh) Marjorie Kennedy-Fraser (arr.) Marjorie Kennedy-Fraser (after Traditional)
Männertreu Yrjö Kilpinen Hermann Löns
Pleading A. Walter Kramer Hermann Hesse
Clouds A. Walter Kramer Charles Hanson Towne
The Hired Girls Libby Larsen Willa Cather
Katherine Howard Libby Larsen Katherine Howard
Noche Azul Ernesto Lecuona Ernesto Lecuona
Siboney Ernesto Lecuona Ernesto Lecuona
Vestal serena Ernesto Lecuona Ernesto Lecuona
Le délire Xavier Leroux Armand Renaud
La fontaine de Caraouet Omer Letorey Edmond Rostand
Mother dear Estelle Liebling (arr.) Yvonne Ravell
Quand tu chantes bercée Franz Liszt Victor Hugo
Die Zelle im Nonnenwerth (1st version) Franz Liszt Felix Lichnowsky
Die Zelle im Nonnenwerth (2nd version) Franz Liszt Felix Lichnowsky
Die Zelle im Nonnenwerth (4th version) Franz Liszt Felix Lichnowsky
Pace non trovo (Tenor version) Franz Liszt Francesco Petrarca
Pace non trovo Franz Liszt Francesco Petrarca
Liebesliedchen Carl Loewe Therese Albertine Luise von Jakob (As Talvj)
Castilian Moonlight Federico Longás Edward Rose
Liebst du um Schönheit Gustav Mahler Friedrich Rückert
Urlicht Gustav Mahler Traditional
L'eco Gian Francesco Malipiero Angelo Ambrogini (as Angelo Poliziano)
In the Luxembourg Gardens Kathleen Lockhart Manning Kathleen Lockhart Manning
Un guardo volgi a me Benedetto Giacomo Marcello Anonymous (possibly Benedetto Giacomo Marcello)
The Holy Child Easthope (Frederick John) Martin Traditional
Al folto bosco, placido ombria Giuseppe Martucci Rocco Emanuele Pagliara
Ein Junger Dichter denkt an die Geliebte Joseph Marx Hans Bethge
Sommerlied Joseph Marx Emanuel von Geibel
Jugend und Alter Joseph Marx German translation after Walt Whitman
Bitte Joseph Marx Hermann Hesse
Die Liebste spricht Joseph Marx Paul Heyse
Hat dich die Liebe berührt Joseph Marx Paul Heyse
Liebe Joseph Marx Paul Heyse
Wie reizend bist Du Joseph Marx Paul Heyse
Sankta Maria Joseph Marx Alfred Mombert
Barkarole Joseph Marx Adolf Friedrich Graf von Schack
Wie einst Joseph Marx Ella Triebnigg-Stockinger
Le doux mal Etienne-Nicolas Méhul Anonymous
Der Blumenstrauß Felix Mendelssohn Karl Klingemann
Frühlingslied Felix Mendelssohn Karl Klingemann
Action de grâces Olivier Messiaen Olivier Messiaen
Arc-en-ciel d'innocence Olivier Messiaen Olivier Messiaen
Paysage Olivier Messiaen Olivier Messiaen
Ekhidna Klaus Miehling Leconte de Lisle
Dirge over a nameless grave Klaus Miehling Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Endymion Klaus Miehling Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Herbst Klaus Miehling Christian Morgenstern
Einsame Nacht Klaus Miehling August von Platen-Hallermünde
After Death Klaus Miehling Christina Georgina Rossetti
Herbstlied Klaus Miehling Friedrich Rückert
El clavelito en tus lindos cabellos Francisco Mignone Francisco Mignone
Chant d'Amour Darius Milhaud Anonymous after Traditional Hebrew
Chant de Laboureur Darius Milhaud Anonymous after Traditional Hebrew
Le rossignol Darius Milhaud Léo Latil
Dieu vous gard' Darius Milhaud Pierre de Ronsard
This Heart That Flutters Ben Moore James Joyce
Der Liebe himmlisches Gefühl Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Anonymous
No, che non sei capace Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Anonymous
Zerfliesset heut', geliebte Brüder Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Augustin Veith Edler von Schittlersberg
La chèvre du Thibet Francis Poulenc Guillaume Apollinaire
Violon Francis Poulenc Louise de Vilmorin
I lov'd fair Celia Henry Purcell Anonymous
Sweeter than roses Henry Purcell Anonymous
What shall I do Henry Purcell Thomas Betterton
From rosy bow'rs Henry Purcell Thomas d'Urfey
If music be the food of love (1st Version) Henry Purcell Henry Heveningham
If music be the food of love (3rd Version) Henry Purcell Henry Heveningham
We sing to him Henry Purcell Nathaniel Ingelo
My life's delight Roger Quilter Thomas Campion
Julia's hair Roger Quilter Robert Herrick
Under the greenwood tree Roger Quilter William Shakespeare
Noch'; Ночь (At night) Serge Rachmaninoff (Рахманинов, Сергей Васильевич) D. (Daniil) Ratgauz (Даниил Максимович Ратгауз)
Il risentimento Gioachino Rossini Pietro Metastasio
Tendrement Erik Satie Vincent Hyspa
Sylvie Erik Satie J. P. Contamine de Latour
Je te veux Erik Satie Henry Pacory
Ne suis que grain de sable Erik Satie Erik Satie
Herrn Josef Spaun, Assessor in Linz (Sendschreiben an den Assessor Spaun in Linz) Franz Schubert Matthäus von Collin
Die Mondnacht Franz Schubert Ludwig Gotthard Kosegarten
Die Täuschung Franz Schubert Ludwig Gotthard Kosegarten
Mein Gruss an den Mai Franz Schubert Johann Gottfried Kumpf ('Ermin')
Drang in die Ferne Franz Schubert Karl Gottfried von Leitner
Vor meiner Wiege Franz Schubert Karl Gottfried von Leitner
Memnon Franz Schubert Johann Mayrhofer
Des Müllers Blumen Franz Schubert Wilhelm Müller
Der Unglückliche (version a) Franz Schubert Caroline Pichler
Der Unglückliche (version b) Franz Schubert Caroline Pichler
Pflügerlied Franz Schubert Johann Gaudenz von Salis-Seewis
Der Graf von Habsburg Franz Schubert Friedrich Schiller
Der Taucher, 1st setting Franz Schubert Friedrich Schiller
Der Taucher, 2nd setting Franz Schubert Friedrich Schiller
Leichenfantasie Franz Schubert Friedrich Schiller
Pilgerweise Franz Schubert Franz von Schober
Kinderwacht Robert Schumann Melchior von Diepenbrock
Abschied von der Welt Robert Schumann Gisbert, Freiherr von Vincke (after Mary Stuart Queen of Scots)
Nur ein lächelnder Blick Robert Schumann Georg Wilhelm Zimmermann
Shepherd's Cradle Song Arthur Somervell Anonymous
A Kingdom by the Sea Arthur Somervell Edgar Allan Poe
Samotny księżyc (Lonely Moon) Karol Szymanowski Zofia (Sophie) Szymanowska
Złote Trzewiczki (Golden Slippers) Karol Szymanowski Zofia (Sophie) Szymanowska
A vucchella Francesco Paolo Tosti Gabriele D'Annunzio
Van gli effluvî de le rose Francesco Paolo Tosti Gabriele d'Annuzio
I Have Trod the Upward and the Downward Slope Ralph Vaughan Williams Robert Louis Stevenson
The Vagabond Ralph Vaughan Williams Robert Louis Stevenson
Bonjour mon coeur! Pauline Viardot Pierre Ronsard
As ever I saw Peter Warlock Anonymous
There is a lady sweet and kind Peter Warlock Anonymous
Walking the woods Peter Warlock Anonymous
The Bayly Berith the Bell Away Peter Warlock 15th century Anonymous
The First Mercy Peter Warlock Bruce Blunt
My gostly fader Peter Warlock Charles (Attributed) d'Orléans
Thou gav'st me leave to kiss Peter Warlock Robert Herrick
Blumengruß Anton von Webern Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Bild der Liebe Anton von Webern Martin Greif
Heiter Anton von Webern Friedrich Nietzsche
Das Ständchen Hugo Wolf Joseph, Freiherr von Eichendorff
Der Soldat I Hugo Wolf Joseph, Freiherr von Eichendorff
Liebesglück Hugo Wolf Joseph, Freiherr von Eichendorff
Geh, Geliebter, geh jetzt Hugo Wolf Emanuel Geibel
Mögen alle bösen Zungen Hugo Wolf Emanuel Geibel
Schmerzliche Wonnen und wonnige Schmerzen Hugo Wolf Emanuel Geibel
Wunden trägst du, mein Geliebter Hugo Wolf Emanuel Geibel
Auf dem grünen Balkon Hugo Wolf Paul Heyse
Liebe mir im Busen zündet Hugo Wolf Paul Heyse
Ob auch finstre Blicke glitten Hugo Wolf Paul Heyse
Treibe nur mit Lieben Spott Hugo Wolf Paul Heyse
Singt mein Schatz wie ein Fink Hugo Wolf Gottfried Keller
An die Geliebte Hugo Wolf Eduard Mörike
Frage und Antwort Hugo Wolf Eduard Mörike
Fußreise Hugo Wolf Eduard Mörike
Nimmersatte Liebe Hugo Wolf Eduard Mörike
Peregrina I Hugo Wolf Eduard Mörike