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Keywords/Features: Living in the Moment

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Song TitleComposer(s)Author(s)
Think of Today Jane Bingham Abbott Herbert P. Thomas
Just for Today Jane Bingham Abbott Samuel Wilberforce
So oder so Ludwig van Beethoven Carl Lappe
Jeune fillette Nicolas-Marie Dalayrac [D’Alayrac] Traditional
Beau soir Claude Debussy Paul Bourget
De soir Claude Debussy Claude Debussy
Primavera Celius Dougherty Amy Lowell
Viennese waltz John Woods Duke Elinor Wylie
Au bord de l'eau Gabriel Fauré Sully Prudhomme
A June day Sergius Kagen Sara Teasdale
Das Kinderspiel Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart C. A. Overbeck (Christian Adolf)
Fair Annette's song Paul Nordoff Elinor Wylie
Love, I have won you (Summer) Sir Landon Ronald Harold Simpson
Au cimetière Camille Saint-Saëns Armand Renaud