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Variations on a Theme by M.B. Tolson (Cantata for soprano, violin, cello, alto sax, trumpet, trombone, and piano) - generously provided by the African Diaspora Music Project T. J. (Thomas Jefferson) Anderson Jr. Melvin B. Tolson
Let brain-spinning swains Ludwig van Beethoven Alexander, Sir Boswell
Le sabot de frêne Alfred Bruneau Catulle Mendès
Moo is a cow Theodore Chanler Leonard Feeney
Sleep Theodore Chanler Leonard Feeney
June Twilight Rebecca Clarke John Masefield
To the Queen of Heaven Thomas Dunhill Anonymous
On top of Old Smokey John Edmunds Traditional
Avant que tu ne t'en ailles Gabriel Fauré Paul Verlaine
Noël Gabriel Fauré Victor Wilder
Chevauchée cosaque Félix Fourdrain André Alexandre
Killingdans (Little goats' dance) Edvard Grieg Arne Garborg
Symphony in yellow Charles T. Griffes Oscar Wilde
The holy infant Edward Harris John McClure
Ei wer hätt ihm das Ding gedenkt (Pastorale) Franz Joseph Haydn Anonymous
Hör Nachbar, ach sag mir (Pastorale) Franz Joseph Haydn Anonymous
The little road to Bethlehem Michael Head Margaret Rose
When daffodils begin to peer John Ireland William Shakespeare
The Holy Child Easthope (Frederick John) Martin Traditional
The vigils of Mary Marion Ohlson Marion Ohlson
When daffodils begin to peer Roger Quilter William Shakespeare
Weihnachtslied Robert Schumann Anonymous (after Hans Christian Andersen)
Dancing Toward Dusk Joelle Wallach Charlotte Mary Mew (Li, Po; DeWitt, Samuel Aaron)