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Song TitleComposer(s)Author(s)
Spring Dominick Argento Thomas Nash
Sally Thomas Augustine Arne Anonymous
Come draw we round a cheerful ring Ludwig van Beethoven Joanna Baillie
Morning a cruel turmoiler is Ludwig van Beethoven Alexander, Sir Boswell
Waken Lords and Ladies gay Ludwig van Beethoven Walter Scott
Music, Love, and Wine Ludwig van Beethoven William Smyth
Oh! Sweet were the Hours Ludwig van Beethoven William Smyth
Oh! Thou Art the Lad of my Heart Ludwig van Beethoven William Smyth
The Cottage Maid Ludwig van Beethoven William Smyth
The Miller of Dee Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
Spring, the sweet spring Fredrick Delius Thomas Nash
Tarentelle Gabriel Fauré Marc Monnier
A young man's exhortation Gerald Finzi Thomas Hardy
Spring Ivor Gurney Thomas Nash
Charlie Rutlage Charles Ives Traditional (collected by John A. Lomax, possibly by D. J. O'Malley)
Cupid captive Frank La Forge Leigh Hunt
The piper Ernest Lubin William Blake
A heart that's free Alfred G. Robyn Thomas T. Railey
Herbstlied Franz Schubert Johann Gaudenz von Salis-Seewis
Lied des gefangenen Jägers Franz Schubert Adam Storck