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Song TitleComposer(s)Author(s)
Praise and Give Thanks Hazel Ferrell Adair Biblical text
Since greybeards inform us Ludwig van Beethoven T. Toms
Dear Harp of my Country! Benjamin Britten (arr.) Thomas Moore
Dear March, Come In! Aaron Copland Emily Dickinson
Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair Stephen Collins Foster Stephen Collins Foster
Nje iskushaj mjenja bjez nuzhdy;Не искушай меня без нужды (Don't Tempt Me Unneccessarily) Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka (Глинка, Михаил Иванович) E.A. (Yevgenij Abramovich) Baratynskii (Евгений Абрамович Баратынский)
On hearing "The last rose of summer" Paul Hindemith Charles Wolfe
Faith Gustav Holst Gustav after Bible/Sacred Texts Holst
Song of the Frogs Gustav Holst Gustav after Bible/Sacred Texts Holst
Old Home Day Charles Ives Charles Ives
Lodas Gespenst Franz Schubert James Macpherson ('Ossian')