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Song TitleComposer(s)Author(s)
I Dream a World - generously provided by the Cedric Adderley Langston Hughes
To the Blackbird Ludwig van Beethoven David ap Gwillim (Welsh)
Behold my Love how Green the Groves Ludwig van Beethoven Robert Burns
I'm a person too Leonard Bernstein Leonard Bernstein
Les cygnes Reynaldo Hahn Armand Renaud
Duty Charles Ives Ralph Waldo Emerson
Beim Auszug in das Feld Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Anonymous
Danse macabre Camille Saint-Saëns Henri Cazalis
Totengräberlied (2) Franz Schubert Ludwig Heinrich Christoph Hölty
Punschlied: im Norden zu singen Franz Schubert Friedrich Schiller