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Vybor Zheny; Выбор жены (Choice of wife, Russian Song) Aleksandr Aljabjev (Аля́бьев, Алекса́ндр Алекса́ндрович) Aleksei Vasil'evich Timofeev
The Queen's Face on a Summery Coin Samuel Barber Robert Horan
O might I but my Patrick love Ludwig van Beethoven William Smyth
Les pieds nus Alfred Bruneau Catulle Mendès
Fuor de la bella gaiba Alfredo Casella Anonymous
Le Lion Louis Durey Guillaume Apollinaire
The Cage Charles Ives Charles Ives
L'oiseau bleu Emile Jaques-Dalcroze A. L. Hettich (Amédée-Landély)
Hôtel Francis Poulenc Guillaume Apollinaire
The little gray dove Louis Victor Saar Fred G. Bowles
Die gefangenen Sänger Franz Schubert August Wilhelm von Schlegel
Die Löwenbraut Robert Schumann Adelbert von Chamisso
Possession Dame Ethel Smyth Ethel Carnie Holdsworth (as Ethel Carnie)