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Song TitleComposer(s)Author(s)
With Jockey to the Fair Anonymous Anonymous
I Never Thought that Youth Would Go Samuel Barber Jessie B. Rittenhouse (Jessie Belle)
Morning a cruel turmoiler is Ludwig van Beethoven Alexander, Sir Boswell
Duncan Gray Ludwig van Beethoven Robert Burns
O How Can I Be Blythe and Glad Ludwig van Beethoven Robert Burns
O Mary, at Thy Window Be Ludwig van Beethoven Robert Burns
The Banner of Buccleuch Ludwig van Beethoven Walter Scott
The Miller of Dee Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
Tom Bowling Benjamin Britten (arr.) Charles Dibdin
The Miller of Dee Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Tom Bowling Charles Dibdin Charles Dibdin
Sigh no more, ladies William Arms Fisher William Shakespeare
The Road to Avrillé Timothy Hoekman Edna St. Vincent Millay
Sigh no more, ladies Douglas Moore William Shakespeare
Ty znal jego; Ты знал его (The poet; You knew him) Serge Rachmaninoff (Рахманинов, Сергей Васильевич) Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev (Тютчев, Фёдор Иванович)
Des Sängers Habe Franz Schubert Franz von Schlechta
Lied des gefangenen Jägers Franz Schubert Adam Storck
Der Spielmann Robert Schumann Adelbert von Chamisso (after Hans Christian Andersen)
O bimba, bimbetta Gabriele Sibella Aldo Fumagalli
Sigh no more, ladies R. J. S. Stevens William Shakespeare