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Song TitleComposer(s)Author(s)
Dermot and Shelah Ludwig van Beethoven T. Toms
Should he upbraid Sir Henry Rowley Bishop Frederic Reynolds
Guitare Georges Bizet Victor Hugo
À une fleur Georges Bizet Louis Charles Alfred de Musset
At the mid hour of night Benjamin Britten (arr.) Thomas Moore
How sweet the answer Benjamin Britten (arr.) Thomas Moore
Les amants fidèles, où Le cierge dans le paradis Alfred Bruneau Catulle Mendès
Le Charme Ernest Chausson Armand Silvestre
Going to Heaven! Aaron Copland Emily Dickinson
Declaration of Independence Celius Dougherty Wolcott Gibbs (Dougherty; Celius)
What the Bullet sang Celius Dougherty Bret Harte
The Shepherd's Song Sir Edward Elgar Barry Pain
Le beau galant Gustave Ferrari Traditional
Sérénade Charles-François Gounod Victor Hugo
Varuna I (Sky) Gustav Holst Gustav after Bible/Sacred Texts Holst
Envoi Gustav Holst Humbert Wolfe
Journey's end Gustav Holst Humbert Wolfe
Persephone Gustav Holst Humbert Wolfe
Thou Whom We Call God Sarah Hutchings Max Ehrmann
Spring Song Charles Ives Harmony Twichell (Ives)
The World's Highway Charles Ives Harmony Twichell (Ives)
Starke Einbildungskraft Gustav Mahler Traditional
Prière exaucée Olivier Messiaen Olivier Messiaen
Oni otvechali, Они отвечали (They answered) Serge Rachmaninoff (Рахманинов, Сергей Васильевич) Lev Aleksandrovich Meĭ (Лев Алекса́ндрович Мей (after Victor Hugo))
Le paon Maurice Ravel Jules Renard
L'énigme éternelle Maurice Ravel Traditional
Io mi levai Francesco Santoliquido Anonymous
Das Echo [formerly 868] Franz Schubert I. F. Castelli (Ignaz Franz)
Wer sein holdes Lieb verloren Hugo Wolf Emanuel Geibel
Frage und Antwort Hugo Wolf Eduard Mörike
Storchenbotschaft Hugo Wolf Eduard Mörike