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Song TitleComposer(s)Author(s)
Il bacio Luigi Arditi Gottardo Aldighieri
Love's Caution Samuel Barber W.H. Davies
Norah of Balamagairy Ludwig van Beethoven Alexander, Sir Boswell
Sally in Our Alley Ludwig van Beethoven Henry Carey
Diese Wolken in den Höhen Ludwig van Beethoven Alois Jeitteles
Leichte Segler in den Höhen Ludwig van Beethoven Alois Jeitteles
Liebes-Klage Ludwig van Beethoven Pietro Metastasio
The Sweetest Lad was Jamie Ludwig van Beethoven William Smyth
Thy ship must sail Ludwig van Beethoven William Smyth
Almen se non poss'io Vincenzo Bellini Pietro Metastasio
When to her lute Corrina sings Thomas Campion Thomas Campion
Let my song fill your heart Ernest Charles Ernest Charles
Nature, The Gentlest Mother Aaron Copland Emily Dickinson
Paysage sentimental Claude Debussy Paul Bourget
Fleur des blés Claude Debussy André Girod
Love in the dictionary Celius Dougherty From Funk and Wagnalls Students' Standard Dictionary
Madonna of the evening flowers Celius Dougherty Amy Lowell
Little elegy John Woods Duke Elinor Wylie
Soupir Henri Duparc Sully Prudhomme
Exaucement Gabriel Fauré Charles van Lerberghe
Notre amour Gabriel Fauré Armand Silvestre
If You've Only Got a Moustache Stephen Collins Foster George Cooper
Ay, ay, ay! Osmán Pérez Freire Traditional
Møte (Meeting) Edvard Grieg Arne Garborg
La délaissée Reynaldo Hahn Augustine Malvine Blanchecotte
Sympathy Joseph Haydn John Hoole (after Pietro Metastasio)
La paloma Sebastián de Iradier [Yradier] Sebastián de Iradier [Yradier]
Kären Charles Ives Clara Kappey (after Carl (Parmo) Ploug)
The South Wind Charles Ives Harmony Heinrich Heine Twichell (Ives)
Landscape III: Prairie Spring Libby Larsen Willa Cather
An die Entfernte Felix Mendelssohn Nikolaus Lenau
Popoli di Tessaglia!... io non chiedo Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Ranieri de Calzabigi
Chi sa qual sia Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Lorenzo ?Da Ponte
Ombra felice... Io ti lascio Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Giovanni De Gamerra
Ah se in ciel, benigne stelle Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Pietro Metastasio
Alcandro lo confesso... Non sò d'onde viene Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Pietro Metastasio
Ma che vi fece... Sperai vicino Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Pietro Metastasio
Misero me... Misero pargoletto Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Pietro Metastasio
Air champêtre Francis Poulenc Ioannis Papadiamantopoulos (as Jean Moréas)
Casa Mia, Casa Mia Giacomo Puccini Traditional
Star vicino Salvator Rosa Anonymous
La separazione Gioachino Rossini Fabio Uccelli
Minona Franz Schubert Friedrich Anton Franz Bertrand
Das Fischermädchen Franz Schubert Heinrich Heine
An Rosa I Franz Schubert Ludwig Gotthard Kosegarten
Der Alpenjäger (version a) Franz Schubert Johann Mayrhofer
Der Alpenjäger (version b) Franz Schubert Johann Mayrhofer
Der Alpenjäger (version c) Franz Schubert Johann Mayrhofer
Einsamkeit Franz Schubert Johann Mayrhofer
Liebesbotschaft Franz Schubert Ludwig Rellstab
Lied Franz Schubert Friedrich ?Schiller
Muttertraum Robert Schumann Adelbert von Chamisso (after Hans Christian Andersen)
Schmetterling Robert Schumann August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben
Die Spinnerin Robert Schumann Paul Heyse
Abschied vom Walde Robert Schumann Wilhelm Schöpff
Abschied von Frankreich Robert Schumann Gisbert, Freiherr von Vincke (after Mary Stuart Queen of Scots)
Taniec (Dance) Karol Szymanowski Zofia (Sophie) Szymanowska