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Song TitleComposer(s)Author(s)
Amazing Grace - generously provided by African Diaspora Music Project H. Leslie Adams H. Leslie Adams
I Say I'll Seek Her Charlotte Bray Thomas Hardy
When the Misty Shadows Glide John Alden Carpenter John Alden Carpenter
Go, Lovely Rose John Alden Carpenter Edmund Waller
Slyš, ó Bože, volání mé (Hear my prayer, o Lord) Antonín Dvořák Biblical text
In the mind's eye Gerald Finzi Thomas Hardy
In years defaced Gerald Finzi Thomas Hardy
I look into my glass Gerald Finzi Thomas Hardy
I say, "I'll seek her" Gerald Finzi Thomas Hardy
Sleep Ivor Gurney John Fletcher
My Leman is so true Gustav Holst Anonymous
The Last Prayer Sarah Hutchings Max Ehrmann
An old Flame Charles Ives Charles Ives
Echo Lori Laitman Christina Georgina Rossetti
Echo John Musto Christina Georgina Rossetti
Go, lovely rose Roger Quilter Edmund Waller
Dissonans; Диссонанс (Discord; Dissonance) Serge Rachmaninoff (Рахманинов, Сергей Васильевич) Yakov Petrovich Polonsky (Полонский, Яков Петрович)
Amoureux séparés Albert Roussel Fu Mi (Roché, Henri-Pierre; after the English by Herbert Allen Giles)
The way to Emmaus Jaromír Weinberger Biblical text