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Song TitleComposer(s)Author(s)
Ah! Vous dirai-je Maman Adolphe Adam Traditional
Noche serena Edward arr. Kilenyi Sr. (Eleanor Hague) Traditional
Minué cantado Joaquín arr. Nin (José Bassa) Traditional
El amor es como un niño Joaquín arr. Nin Traditional
Careless love Ernst Bacon Traditional
Common Bill Ernst Bacon Traditional
De Boll Weevil Ernst Bacon Traditional
Midnight Special Ernst Bacon Traditional
My Lulu Ernst Bacon Traditional
Sinful Shoe Ernst Bacon Traditional
Sourwood Mountain Ernst Bacon Traditional
Sucking Cider Ernst Bacon Traditional
O dear! what can the matter be? Sir Arnold Bax Traditional
A Madel, ja a Madel Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
A, ruchenky, ruchenky Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
Charlie is my Darling Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
Como la mariposa Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
Da brava, Catina, mostréve bonina Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
Édes kinos emlékezet Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
Horch auf, mein Liebchen Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
Ich mag di nit nehma, du töppter Hecht Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
Já no quiero embarcarme Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
Jeanie's Distress Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
Kak poshli nashi po druzhki Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
La tiranna se embarca (Tiranilla Española) Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
Oj upiłem się w karczmie Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
O sanctissima Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
Poszła baba po popiół i diabel ja utopil Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
Ridder Stig Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
Seus lindos olhos Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
Sir Johnnie Cope Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
Teppichkrämer-Lied (I Bin a Tyroler Bua) Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
The Miller of Dee Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
Una paloma blanca Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
Vo losochke komarochkov mnogo urodilos Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
Wann i in der Früh aufsteh Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
Wegen meiner bleib d'Fräula Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
The carnival of Venice Sir Julius, arr. Benedict Traditional
A long time ago Lord Berners Traditional
The Rio Grande Lord Berners Traditional
Klage Johannes Brahms Traditional
Schwesterlein, Schwesterlein Johannes Brahms Traditional
Sehnsucht Johannes Brahms Traditional
Vergebliches ständchen Johannes Brahms Traditional
Wiegenlied Johannes Brahms Traditional
Bird Scarer's Song Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Bonny at Morn (2nd version) Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn (I was lonely and forlorn) Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Come you not from Newcastle? Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Dafydd y Garreg Wen (David of the White Rock) Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Early one morning Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Eho! Eho! Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Fileuse Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Greensleeves Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Il est quelqu'un sur terre Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
La belle est au jardin d'amour Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
La Noël passée Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Lemady Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Le roi s'en va-t'en chasse Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Little Sir William Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Lord! I married me a wife Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Oliver Cromwell Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
O can ye sew cushions? Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
O Waly, Waly Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Quand j'étais chez mon père Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
She's like the swallow Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Sweet Polly Oliver Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
There's none to soothe Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
The Ash Grove Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
The Bonny Earl o' Moray Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
The False Knight upon the Road Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
The Foggy, Foggy Dew Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
The Lincolnshire Poacher Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
The Miller of Dee Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
The Plough Boy Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
The Stream in the Valley Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
The trees they grow so high Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Voici le printemps Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Shepherd! thy demeanour vary Thomas Brown Traditional
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child Henry Thacker Burleigh Traditional
Were you there? Henry Thacker Burleigh Traditional
Pater Noster Ernest Chausson Traditional
As I was going to Ballynure Rebecca Clarke Traditional
I know my love Rebecca Clarke Traditional
I know where I'm goin' Rebecca Clarke Traditional
Jeune fillette Nicolas-Marie Dalayrac [D’Alayrac] Traditional
David weeps for Absolom David Diamond Traditional
Ach, není tu (The maiden's lament) Antonín Dvořák Traditional
Žalo dievča, žalo trávu (The mower) Antonín Dvořák Traditional
Barney Ross John Edmunds Traditional
Billy boy John Edmunds Traditional
Come all you fair and tender ladies John Edmunds Traditional
Every night when the sun goes in John Edmunds Traditional
Fare you well John Edmunds Traditional
I know my love John Edmunds Traditional
Jesus, Jesus, rest your head John Edmunds Traditional
On top of Old Smokey John Edmunds Traditional
Praise we the Lord John Edmunds Traditional
The Ballad of the Cherry Tree John Edmunds Traditional
The Crawfish Song John Edmunds Traditional
The Resurrection John Edmunds Traditional
Il lunedi Blair Fairchild Traditional
Asturiana Manuel de Falla (arr.) Traditional
Canción Manuel de Falla (arr.) Traditional
El paño Moruno Manuel de Falla (arr.) Traditional
Jota Manuel de Falla (arr.) Traditional
Nana Manuel de Falla (arr.) Traditional
Polo Manuel de Falla (arr.) Traditional
Seguidilla murciana Manuel de Falla (arr.) Traditional
Les belles manieres Gustave Ferrari Traditional
Le beau galant Gustave Ferrari Traditional
Le jardin d'amour Gustave Ferrari Traditional
Le moulin Gustave Ferrari Traditional
Le roi a fait battre tambour Gustave Ferrari Traditional
Le rosier d'argent Gustave Ferrari Traditional
Ma belle Marianne Gustave Ferrari Traditional
Mon pèr' m'envoi-t-à l'herbe Gustave Ferrari Traditional
Qui veut ouïr chanson? Gustave Ferrari Traditional
Die Trauernde Robert Franz Traditional
Ay, ay, ay! Osmán Pérez Freire Traditional
Arrorro Alberto Ginastera Traditional
Chacarera Alberto Ginastera Traditional
Gato Alberto Ginastera Traditional
Triste Alberto Ginastera Traditional
Zamba Alberto Ginastera Traditional
Quando embalada Camargo Guarnieri Traditional
No quiero tus avellanas Jesús Guridi Traditional
Old Mother Hubbard Victor Hely-Hutchinson Traditional
The house that Jack built Sidney Homer Traditional
Hey diddle diddle Herbert Hughes (arr.) Traditional
I know my love Herbert Hughes (arr.) Traditional
The Leprehaun Herbert Hughes (arr.) Traditional
Maria auf dem Berge Wilhelm Kienzl Traditional
Ride Up in the Chariot Betty Jackson King Traditional
Gutmann und Gutweib Carl Loewe Traditional
Ablösung im Sommer Gustav Mahler Traditional
Aus! Aus! Gustav Mahler Traditional
Das Irdische Leben Gustav Mahler Traditional
Der Schildwache Nachtlied Gustav Mahler Traditional
Der Tamboursg’sell Gustav Mahler Traditional
Des Antonius von Padua Fischpredigt Gustav Mahler Traditional
Es sungen drei Engel einen süssen Gesang Gustav Mahler Traditional
Hans und Grethe Gustav Mahler Traditional
Ich ging mit Lust Gustav Mahler Traditional
Lied des Verfolgten im Turm Gustav Mahler Traditional
Lob des hohen Verstandesn Gustav Mahler Traditional
Nicht wiedersehen! Gustav Mahler Traditional
Revelge Gustav Mahler Traditional
Rheinlegendchen Gustav Mahler Traditional
Scheiden und Meiden Gustav Mahler Traditional
Selbstgefühl Gustav Mahler Traditional
Starke Einbildungskraft Gustav Mahler Traditional
Trost im Unglück Gustav Mahler Traditional
Um schlimme Kinder artig zu machen Gustav Mahler Traditional
Urlicht Gustav Mahler Traditional
Verlorne Müh’ Gustav Mahler Traditional
Wer hat dies Liedlein erdacht? Gustav Mahler Traditional
Wo die schönen Trompeten blasen Gustav Mahler Traditional
Zu Strassburg auf der Schantz Gustav Mahler Traditional
Hebrew prayer Albert Hay Malotte Traditional
Sing a song of sixpence Albert Hay Malotte Traditional
Vieille chanson de chasse Richard Manning (arr.) Traditional
The Holy Child Easthope (Frederick John) Martin Traditional
Erntelied Felix Mendelssohn Traditional
Minnelied Felix Mendelssohn Traditional
O Jugend Felix Mendelssohn Traditional
Warnung Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Traditional
Granadina Joaquín Nin Traditional
Malagueña Joaquín Nin Traditional
Montañesa Joaquín Nin Traditional
Polo Joaquín Nin Traditional
Villancico catalán Joaquín Nin Traditional
Del cabello más sutil (Dos cantares populares) Fernando Obradors Traditional
Casa Mia, Casa Mia Giacomo Puccini Traditional
Chanson espagnole Maurice Ravel Traditional
Chanson française Maurice Ravel Traditional
Chanson hébraïque Maurice Ravel Traditional
Chanson italienne Maurice Ravel Traditional
L'énigme éternelle Maurice Ravel Traditional
Waldeinsamkeit Max Reger Traditional
Das Käuzlein Robert Schumann Traditional
Die Schwalben Robert Schumann Traditional
Marienwürmchen Robert Schumann Traditional
Spinnenlied Robert Schumann Traditional
Ba, be, bi, bo, bu Déodat de Sévérac Traditional
Ne dérangez pas le monde Déodat de Sévérac Traditional
Offrande Déodat de Sévérac Traditional
Separazione Giovanni Sgambati Traditional
Hat's gesagt, bleibt's nicht dabei Richard Strauss Traditional
Dansa de caboclo Heckel Tavares Traditional
Jardin d'amours Émile Vuillermoz Traditional