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Song TitleComposer(s)Author(s)
Despairing beside a clear stream Thomas Augustine Arne Nicholas Rowe
Enchantress, Farewell Ludwig van Beethoven Walter Scott
Abschiedsgesang Ludwig van Beethoven Ignaz, Ritter von Seyfried
Sympathy Ludwig van Beethoven William Smyth
Seus lindos olhos Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
L'abbandono Vincenzo Bellini Anonymous
Nichts ist gekommen, nichts wird kommen für meine Seele Alban Berg Richard Engländer (as Peter Altenberg)
König Wiswamitra Lord Berners Heinrich Heine
L'étoile filante Lord Berners G. Jean-Aubry
Rose d'amour Georges Bizet Charles Millevoye
Tom Bowling Benjamin Britten (arr.) Charles Dibdin
Eho! Eho! Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Look not in my eyes George Butterworth A. E. Housman (Alfred Edward)
When I was one-and-twenty George Butterworth A. E. Housman (Alfred Edward)
La fiancée du soldat Cécile Chaminade Charles Jean Grandmougin
Sweet song of long ago Ernest Charles Ernest Charles
Night Ernest Charles Sydney King Russell
Remembrance Ernest Charles Dorothy Tete
Amor mi fa cantare Stefano Donaudy Alberto Donaudy
O del mio amato ben Stefano Donaudy Alberto Donaudy
Il crociato Gaetano Donizetti Carlo Guaita
When I was one-and-twenty Blair Fairchild A. E. Housman (Alfred Edward)
Umsonst Robert Franz Wilhelm Osterwald
My love for you has grown Vittorio Giannini Karl Flaster
Bedny pevets; Бедный певец (Poor Singer) Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka (Глинка, Михаил Иванович) Vasiliĭ Andreevich Zhukovskiĭ (Василий Андреевич Жуковский)
Philomel Sir Eugene Goossens Richard Barnfield
Amor Y Odio Enrique Granados Fernando Periquet
There's Something in Your Eyes Franz Grothe Reg Connelly (Carmen Lombardo)
On hearing "The last rose of summer" Paul Hindemith Charles Wolfe
The floral bandit Gustav Holst Humbert Wolfe
Ladslove John Ireland A. E. Housman (Alfred Edward)
The vain desire John Ireland A. E. Housman (Alfred Edward)
Death-parting John Ireland Christina Georgina Rossetti
Rosamunde Charles Ives Bélanger (after Helmina von Chézy)
En noches de luna Ernesto Lecuona Ernesto Lecuona
Hat dich die Liebe berührt Joseph Marx Paul Heyse
Liebe Joseph Marx Paul Heyse
Altdeutsches Lied Felix Mendelssohn Heinrich Schreiber
Beim Auszug in das Feld Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Anonymous
Der Liebe himmlisches Gefühl Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Anonymous
Giunse alfin il momento... Al desio di chi t'adora Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Lorenzo Da Ponte
Sehnsucht nach dem Frühling Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart C. A. Overbeck (Christian Adolf)
From rosy bow'rs Henry Purcell Thomas d'Urfey
On the brow of Richmond Hill Henry Purcell Thomas d'Urfey
I attempt from Love's sickness Henry Purcell Sir Robert Howard
Take, o take those lips away Roger Quilter William Shakespeare
Erstarrung Franz Schubert Wilhelm Müller
When I was one-and-twenty Arthur Somervell A. E. Housman (Alfred Edward)
In van preghi Francesco Paolo Tosti Gabriele D'Annunzio
Or dunque addio! Francesco Paolo Tosti Gabriele D'Annunzio
Take, o take those lips away Peter Warlock Anonymous