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Song TitleComposer(s)Author(s)
Careless love Ernst Bacon Traditional
Common Bill Ernst Bacon Traditional
De Boll Weevil Ernst Bacon Traditional
Midnight Special Ernst Bacon Traditional
My Lulu Ernst Bacon Traditional
Sinful Shoe Ernst Bacon Traditional
Sourwood Mountain Ernst Bacon Traditional
Sucking Cider Ernst Bacon Traditional
O dear! what can the matter be? Sir Arnold Bax Traditional
Shena Van Amy Marcy Beach William Black
The Miller of Dee Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
Guitare Georges Bizet Victor Hugo
Heimkehr vom Feste Leo Blech Heinrich Seidel
The Crocodile Benjamin Britten (arr.) L. and J. A. Fuller Maitland Broadwood
Pray goody Benjamin Britten (arr.) Charles Burney
Ca' the yowes Benjamin Britten (arr.) Robert Burns
Sally in our Alley Benjamin Britten (arr.) Henry Carey
I will give my love an apple Benjamin Britten (arr.) H. E. D. and Ralph Vaughan Williams Hammond
Dink's Song Benjamin Britten (arr.) John and Alan Lomax Lomax
The Shooting of His Dear Benjamin Britten (arr.) E. J. Moeran
At the mid hour of night Benjamin Britten (arr.) Thomas Moore
Avenging and bright Benjamin Britten (arr.) Thomas Moore
Dear Harp of my Country! Benjamin Britten (arr.) Thomas Moore
How sweet the answer Benjamin Britten (arr.) Thomas Moore
Oft in the stilly night Benjamin Britten (arr.) Thomas Moore
O the sight entrancing Benjamin Britten (arr.) Thomas Moore
Rich and rare Benjamin Britten (arr.) Thomas Moore
Sail on, sail on Benjamin Britten (arr.) Thomas Moore
The last rose of summer Benjamin Britten (arr.) Thomas Moore
The Minstrel Boy Benjamin Britten (arr.) Thomas Moore
I wonder as I wander Benjamin Britten (arr.) John Jacob Niles
Master Kilby Benjamin Britten (arr.) Cecil Sharp
Sailor-boy Benjamin Britten (arr.) Cecil Sharp
Soldier, won't you marry me? Benjamin Britten (arr.) Cecil Sharp
The Brisk Young Widow Benjamin Britten (arr.) Cecil Sharp
The Deaf Woman's Courtship Benjamin Britten (arr.) Cecil Sharp
The Holly and the Ivy Benjamin Britten (arr.) Cecil Sharp
The Soldier and the Sailor Benjamin Britten (arr.) Cecil Sharp
Bird Scarer's Song Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Bonny at Morn (2nd version) Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn (I was lonely and forlorn) Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Come you not from Newcastle? Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Dafydd y Garreg Wen (David of the White Rock) Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Early one morning Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Eho! Eho! Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Fileuse Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Greensleeves Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Il est quelqu'un sur terre Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
La belle est au jardin d'amour Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
La Noël passée Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Lemady Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Le roi s'en va-t'en chasse Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Little Sir William Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Lord! I married me a wife Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Oliver Cromwell Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
O can ye sew cushions? Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
O Waly, Waly Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Quand j'étais chez mon père Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
She's like the swallow Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Sweet Polly Oliver Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
There's none to soothe Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
The Ash Grove Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
The Bonny Earl o' Moray Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
The False Knight upon the Road Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
The Foggy, Foggy Dew Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
The Lincolnshire Poacher Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
The Miller of Dee Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
The Plough Boy Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
The Stream in the Valley Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
The trees they grow so high Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Voici le printemps Benjamin Britten (arr.) Traditional
Bonny at Morn Benjamin Britten (arr.) W. G. Whittaker
The Salley Gardens Benjamin Britten (arr.) William Butler Yeats
The Highland Balou Benjamin Britten Robert Burns
Don't Ceäre John Alden Carpenter William Barnes
As I was going to Ballynure Rebecca Clarke Traditional
I know my love Rebecca Clarke Traditional
I know where I'm goin' Rebecca Clarke Traditional
Down by the Salley Gardens Rebecca Clarke William Butler Yeats
Barney Ross John Edmunds Traditional
Billy boy John Edmunds Traditional
Come all you fair and tender ladies John Edmunds Traditional
Every night when the sun goes in John Edmunds Traditional
Fare you well John Edmunds Traditional
I know my love John Edmunds Traditional
Jesus, Jesus, rest your head John Edmunds Traditional
On top of Old Smokey John Edmunds Traditional
Praise we the Lord John Edmunds Traditional
The Crawfish Song John Edmunds Traditional
Lilliburlero John Edmunds Lord Thomas, 1st Marquess of Wharton PC Wharton
The Salley Gardens John Edmunds William Butler Yeats
Le beau galant Gustave Ferrari Traditional
Le jardin d'amour Gustave Ferrari Traditional
Le moulin Gustave Ferrari Traditional
Le rosier d'argent Gustave Ferrari Traditional
Ma belle Marianne Gustave Ferrari Traditional
Mon pèr' m'envoi-t-à l'herbe Gustave Ferrari Traditional
Qui veut ouïr chanson? Gustave Ferrari Traditional
Arrorro Alberto Ginastera Traditional
Chacarera Alberto Ginastera Traditional
Gato Alberto Ginastera Traditional
Triste Alberto Ginastera Traditional
Zamba Alberto Ginastera Traditional
I know my love Herbert Hughes (arr.) Traditional
The Leprehaun Herbert Hughes (arr.) Traditional
Isle of my heart (Eilean mo Chridh) Marjorie Kennedy-Fraser (arr.) Marjorie Kennedy-Fraser (after Traditional)
Land of heart's desire Marjorie Kennedy-Fraser (arr.) Marjorie Kennedy-Fraser (after Traditional)
Maria auf dem Berge Wilhelm Kienzl Traditional
Mother dear Estelle Liebling (arr.) Yvonne Ravell
Sing a song of sixpence Albert Hay Malotte Traditional
Piemontesisches Volkslied Joseph Marx Max Geissler
Polnisches Volkslied Franz Mittler Karl Busse
I wonder as I wander John Jacob Niles John Jacob Niles
Volksliedchen Robert Schumann Friedrich Rückert
He's gone away: An American Folk Song Alan Louis Smith (arr.) Anonymous