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Song TitleComposer(s)Author(s)
The condor Ernst Bacon Marie de L. Welch (Marie de Laveaga)
A Green Lowland of Pianos Samuel Barber Jerzy Harasymowicz
Let brain-spinning swains Ludwig van Beethoven Alexander, Sir Boswell
Wann i in der Früh aufsteh Ludwig van Beethoven Traditional
König Wiswamitra Lord Berners Heinrich Heine
Leisure Sir Arthur Bliss W.H. Davies
I wonder as I wander Benjamin Britten (arr.) John Jacob Niles
The Highland Balou Benjamin Britten Robert Burns
Moo is a cow Theodore Chanler Leonard Feeney
The Children's letter to the United Nations Celius Dougherty Children of Public School No. 90 (Queens, New York)
The Bird and the Beast Celius Dougherty Sir Ernest Gowers (attr.)
Pied beauty Celius Dougherty Gerard Manley Hopkins
Le boeuf Louis Durey Guillaume Apollinaire
Jesus, Jesus, rest your head John Edmunds Traditional
Channel firing Gerald Finzi Thomas Hardy
Blåbær-Li (Blueberry slopes) Edvard Grieg Arne Garborg
Sweet chance, that led my steps abroad Michael Head W.H. Davis
Geburt Mariä Paul Hindemith Rainer Maria Rilke
Song of the Frogs Gustav Holst Gustav after Bible/Sacred Texts Holst
The house that Jack built Sidney Homer Traditional
Hey diddle diddle Herbert Hughes (arr.) Traditional
Charlie Rutlage Charles Ives Traditional (collected by John A. Lomax, possibly by D. J. O'Malley)
I wonder as I wander John Jacob Niles John Jacob Niles
Die Hochländer-Witwe Robert Schumann Wilhelm Gerhard (after Robert Burns)
Hochländisches Wiegenlied Robert Schumann Wilhelm Gerhard (after Robert Burns)
Motion and Stillness Ralph Vaughan Williams Fredegond Shove