Sud'ba; Судьба (Fate)

Song TitleSud'ba; Судьба (Search)
Title in EnglishFate (Search)
Composer(s):Serge Rachmaninoff (Рахманинов, Сергей Васильевич)
Author(s):A. N. Apukhtin (Alekseĭ Nikolaevich; Апухтин, Алексей Николаевич)
Author Underrepresented GroupLGBTQ+ (Search)
Keyword(s) & Features: Agitation; Alarming; Alarms; All; Alone; Already; Anticipation; Anxiety; Beating; Behind; Being; Bliss; Bound; Boys; Bushes; Celebrating; Celebrations; Chance; Chances; Chasing; Comforting; Coming; Communicating; Continuing; Contrast: Hope vs. Despair; Contrast: Innocence vs. Experience; Contrast: Life vs. Death; Crutches; Darkening; Day; Destiny; Dire; Doom; Dread; Dreading; Dreams; Earth; Ending; Enough; Evening; Evil; Faces; Falling; Fame; Fatalism; Fate; Fear; Fearful; Fearing; Fears; Feasting; Feasts; Fields; Filling; Finished; Finishing; Flowing; Following; Foreboding; Fortune; Fortunes; Friends; Frightening; Full; Gathering; Gazing; Gentle; Giving Up; Going; Grains; Grief; Grim; Groves; Guests; Hair; Hand in hand; Hands; Happiness; Happy; Harvesting; Hearts; Hitting; Hopelessness; Hungry; Impermanence; Inevitability; Inevitable; Instants; Interrupting; Intruding; Keeping; Kisses; Knocking; Lads; Lasting; Learning; Lights; Living; Long; Long Time; Looking; Love; Loving; Lucky; Mad; Madness; Malice; Many; Meaning; Meeting; Men; Merry; Metaphor: Fate as Crone; Misery; Mortal; Mortals; Mute; New; Night; Nightingales; Noisy; One; Others; Pale; People; Personification: Fate; Places; Pleasure; Pleasures; Poor; Pounding; Pouring; Powerlessness; Pursuing; Rage; Raging; Rain; Raining; Rapture; Reality; Reaping; Rewards; Riches; Ringing; Seeing; Sentinels; Sentries; Setting; Silencing; Silent; Single; Sky; Snow; Soft; Solemn; Somber; Someone; Songs; Spelling; Starving; Sudden; Surrendering; Sweethearts; Taking; Tapping; Terrible; Threats; Time; Together; Trembling; Trepidation; Trouble; Turning; Twilight; Two; Vanquishing; Walking; Watching; Wherever; Whirling; White; Whole; Windows; Wine; Youth; Youthful
First LineS svojej pokhodnoju kljukoj; С своей походною клюкой (Search)
Average Duration7:00 (Search)
Year of composition 1899 - 1900 (Search)
Link to English Text Online
Larger WorkДвенадцать романсов; Twelve Romances (Search)
Musical FormBallad (Search)
Original LanguageRussian (Search)
Score Source,_No._1.pdf
Audio Source
Difficulty LevelMasters/YA (Search)
Catalog DesignationOp. 21 no. 1 (Search)
Voice part suggested by composerBass
Range: Ab2 - E4 (Search)
Original KeyC minor (Search)
Dedicated ToFeodor Ivanovich Chaliapin; Фёдор Иванович Шаляпин (Search)
Orchestra and voice?Yes (Search)
Sources CitedRachmaninoff's complete songs: A companion with texts and translations. (2014). Choice Reviews Online, 52(02), 52-0595. (Search)
ContributorMRH , Morgan Horning (Search)
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