The Minstrel of Romance

Song TitleThe Minstrel of Romance (Search)
Composer(s):Marion Eugénie Bauer
Composer Underrepresented GroupFemale; Jewish (Search)
Author(s):John Reed
Keyword(s) & Features: Amorous; Arms; Battles; Camelot; Celebrations; Chanting; Cities; Clamorous; Competition; Fading; Fights; Fluttering; Glamorous; Glittering; Imperious; Kingdoms; Knights; Lancelot; Lances; Love; Lovers; Marriage; Medieval; Merry; Minstrels; Night; Pennants; Rambling; Renaissance; Reuniting; Riding; Romance; Seas; Serious; Singing; Splitting; Squandering; Strumming; Thunderous; Torches; Trotting; Victory; Wandering; Wars; Weary; Windswept; Wondrous; Youth
First LineStrum! Torches guttering, pennons fluttering, lances glittering in the night (Search)
Year of composition 1917 (Search)
Original LanguageEnglish (Search)
Voice part suggested by composerMedium/Low voice
Range: Bb3 - F5 (Search)
Original KeyF minor (Search)
ContributorGTM , Madelin Cain (Search)
Contributor Affiliation Georgia Southern University (Search)
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