Das Geheimnis (2)

Song TitleDas Geheimnis (2) (Search)
Composer(s):Franz Schubert
Author(s):Friedrich Schiller
Keyword(s) & Features: Attention; Beating; Beauty; Beeches; Bitterness; Busy; Cherishing; Clear; Confusing; Couples; Covering; Days; Defending; Delight; Descending; Devotion; Disturbing; Envy; Eyes; Feet; Fountains; Gentle; Gods; Green; Hammers; Happiness; Harsh; Hearing; Heaven; Heavy; Hiding; Hollow; Hope; Hope Through Love; Humanity; Humans; Hunting; Jealousy; Joy; Leaves; Life; Listening; Lovers; Meager; Nature; Night; Noise; Permitting; Personification: Love; Power of Love; Prey; Protection; Questioning; Quiet; Recognizing; Relief; Resentment; Rising; Roaring; Robbing; Safety; Sanctuary; Secrets; Shy; Silence; Slipping; Small; Soft; Stealing; Streams; Tents; Threatening; Traitors; Understanding; Watching; Waves; Wide; Winning; Women; Words; Working; World; Wrestling
First LineSie konnte mir kein Wörtchen sagen (Search)
Average Duration5:30 (Search)
Year of composition 1823 (Search)
Link to English Text Onlinehttp://www.lieder.net/lieder/get_text.html?TextId=14454
Larger WorkSechs Lieder (Search)
Author's associated movements or -isms or GroupsSturm und Drang; Weimar Classicism (Search)
Original LanguageGerman (Search)
Score Source http://conquest.imslp.info/files/imglnks/usimg/c/cf/IMSLP16375-SchubertD793_Das_Geheimnis_2nd_setting.pdf
Link to IPA Source https://www.ipasource.com/das-geheimnis-11904.html
Catalog DesignationD. 793; Op. 173 no. 2 (Search)
Range: C4 - A5 (Search)
Original KeyG Major (Search)
ContributorAL (Search)
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