Gesang der Geister über den Wassern (1), frag.

Song TitleGesang der Geister über den Wassern (1), frag. (Search)
Composer(s):Franz Schubert
Author(s):Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Keyword(s) & Features: Abysses; Annoyance; Beds; Changing; Cliffs; Clouds; Comparisons; Connection to Nature; Contrast: Earthly vs. Heavenly; Deep; Depths; Earth; Fate; Feasting; Foam; Foaming; Grass; Gushing; Handsome; Heaven; High; Hissing; Humanity; Imagery; Lakes; Life; Men; Metaphor: Fate as Wind; Metaphor: Soul as Water; Nature; Opposing; Personification: Nature; Personification: Water; Personification: Wind; Pure; Receiving; Returning; Rocks; Shrouds; Slinking; Smooth; Souls; Spraying; Stars; Streams; Suitors; Towers; Vales; Vapor; Walls; Water; Waves; Wind
First Line… dann zur Tiefe nieder (Search)
Average Duration6:30 (Search)
Year of composition 1816 (Search)
Link to English Text Online
Author's associated movements or -isms or GroupsSturm und Drang; Innerlichkeit (Search)
Original LanguageGerman (Search)
Score Sourceüber_den_Wassern_Fragment.pdf
Catalog DesignationD. 484 (Search)
Range: E3 - G5 (Search)
Original KeyG Major (Search)
ContributorAL (Search)
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