The snake charmer

Song TitleThe snake charmer (Search)
Composer(s):Liza Lehmann
Composer Underrepresented GroupFemale (Search)
Author(s):Sarojini Naidu
Author Underrepresented GroupFemale; POC (Search)
Keyword(s) & Features: Addressee: Snake; Animals; Baskets; Blooms; Brides; Calls; Darkness; Delight; Desire; Exoticism; Feeding; Fire; Flutes; Glimmering; Golden; Guarding; Hiding; Honey; Jasmine; Laughter; Magic; Maidens; Mellow; Milk; Moonbeams; Moonlight; Murmuring; Nature; Night; Oleanders; Palaces; Perfumes; Personification: Snakes; Petals; Rushes; Sensuality; Silver; Slumber; Snake Charmers; Snakes; Squirrels; Wild; Woods; Wooing
First LineWither dost thou hide from the magic of my flute call? (Search)
Year of composition 1906 (Search) Circa
Link to English Text Online
Larger WorkThe Golden Threshold (Search)
Author's associated movements or -isms or GroupsIndian independence movement (Search)
Original LanguageEnglish (Search)
Score Source
Voice part suggested by composerSoprano
Range: C4 - C6 (Search)
Original KeyF minor (Search)
Dedicated ToCountess Valda Gleichen (Search)
Other instrumentation and voiceVoice, piano, and flute (Search)
Other (musical allusions, accompaniment figures)Part of a "song garland" (Search)
ContributorGTM (Search)
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