La fuite

Song TitleLa fuite (Search)
Composer(s):Georges Bizet
Author(s):Théophile Gautier
Keyword(s) & Features: Affairs; Anger; Breasts; Couples; Curses; Daggers; Dangers; Deserts; Despair; Duet; Escaping; Extinguishing; Failing; Fearing; Fields; Firmament; Fleeing; Hair; Happiness; Hearts; Icy; Insolent; Joy; Living; Love; Mirages; Moon; Nature; Night; Paths; Penetrating; Rays; Sand; Secret; Shadows; Sheltering; Sleeping; Soul; Stars; Tears; Together; Traveling; Trembling; Veils; Wind
First LineAu firmament sans étoiles (Search)
Year of composition 1872 (Search)
Link to English Text Online
Original LanguageFrench (Search)
Score Source,_duo.pdf
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Difficulty LevelGraduate; Professional (Search)
Range: Voice 1: D4; Voice 2: D4 - Voice 1: Ab5; Voice 2: Ab5
Original KeyAb Major (Search)
Dedicated ToEulalie Ulmann (Search)
ContributorJEM (Search)
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