Primo amore, piacer del ciel

Song TitlePrimo amore, piacer del ciel (Search)
Composer(s):Ludwig van Beethoven
Keyword(s) & Features: Abandoning; Arms; Arrows; Beloved; Betrayal; Betrayed Love; Coming; Consoling; Darts; Dear; Death; Discord; Dividing; Divisions; Faith; False Love; Feeling; Finding; First Love; Fleeing; Found Love; Gilding; Great; Harmful Love; Hearts; Heaven; Idols; Joking; Joy; Love; Lovers; Mocking; Pain; Penetrating; Playing; Pleasure; Searching; Searching for Love; True
First LinePrimo amore piacer del ciel (Search)
Average Duration14:30 (Search)
Year of composition 1795 - 1800 (Search)
Link to English Text Online
Musical FormThrough-composed (Search)
Author's associated movements or -isms or GroupsEnlightenment (Search)
Original LanguageItalian (Search)
Score Source
Audio Source
Catalog DesignationWoO 92 (Search)
Voice part suggested by composerSoprano
Range: C#4 - B5 (Search)
Original KeyA Major (Search)
Premiered By (Search)
Recommended Printed SourceBeethoven complete works, Series 10, volume 3 (Search)
Orchestra and voice?Yes (Search)
ContributorGTM (Search)
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