Let the dead burry their dead

Song TitleLet the dead burry their dead (Search)
Composer(s):Klaus Miehling
Author(s):Pauline Mary Tarn (as Renée Vivien)
Author Underrepresented GroupFemale (Search)
Keyword(s) & Features: Ardor; Beds; Burying; Chance; Corpses; Dead; Death; Desires; Dreams; Dying; Eternity; Eyelids; Eyes; Fear; Hair; Hands; Incense; Life; Lilies; Lips; Lotuses; Love; Memories; Night; Pain; Pale; Past; Peace; Remorse; Roses; Scents; Silent; Sleeping; Soul; Twilight; Violets; Flowers; Grieving; Lost love; Metaphor: Memories as corpses; Personification: Memory; Remembering
First LineVoici la nuit: je vais ensevelir mes morts, (Search)
Average Duration4:15 (Search)
Year of composition 2015 (Search)
Link to English Text Onlinehttp://www.lieder.net/lieder/get_text.html?TextId=111640
Larger WorkSieben Lieder, op. 245 (Search)
Musical FormThrough-composed (Search)
Author's associated movements or -isms or GroupsSymbolism; Parnassianism (Search)
Original LanguageFrench (Search)
Difficulty LevelCollege (Search)
Catalog DesignationOp. 245 no. 5 (Search)
Range: C#4 - E5 (Search)
Premiered ByMarie-Luise Reinhard (Search)
Trivial or Important references and connectionsRenée Vivien is the pen name of Pauline Mary Tarn. The orchestra version of the collection obtained a „Honourable Mention“ at the Concorso Internazionale di Composizione „Maurice Ravel“ 2017/18 in Bergamo (Italy). (Search)
Recommended Printed Sourcehttp://www.lulu.com/shop/klaus-miehling/sieben-lieder-nach-ren%C3%A9e-vivien-mittel/paperback/product-22732434.html (Search)
Orchestra and voice?No (Search)
Contributor Klaus Miehling (Search)
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