Song TitleHenrykkelse (Search)
Composer(s):Peter Heise
Author(s):Emil Aarestrup
Keyword(s) & Features: Birds; Creatures; Embracing; Flying; Hearts; Intoxicating; Joy; Milky Way; Night; Oaks; Red; Rejoicing; Roses; Shells; Shining; Sky; Stars; Stems; Trees; Whistling; Animals; Ecstasy; Metaphor: Rose as night sky; Nature; Personification: oak trees
First LineDu glade Fugl, som flyver! (Search)
Average Duration1:15 (Search)
Year of composition 1878 (Search) Circa
Link to English Text Onlinehttp://www.lieder.net/lieder/get_text.html?TextId=87772
Larger WorkErotiske Digte (Search)
Musical FormModified strophic (Search)
Original LanguageDanish (Search)
Score Source http://img.kb.dk/ma/dansang/heise-erot-digt.pdf#page=7
Audio Source https://open.spotify.com/track/42cTW9c5FhXbWPKJ1F5X7a
Catalog Designationno. 3 (Search)
Voice part suggested by composerMedium/Low voice
Range: E4 - F5 (Search)
Original KeyD Major (Search)
Dedicated ToN. Simonsen (Search)
ContributorGTM (Search)
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