Les baisers d'amour

Song TitleLes baisers d'amour (Search)
Composer(s):Claude Debussy
Author(s):Maurice Bouchor
Keyword(s) & Features: Above; Beauty; Believing; Black; Bosoms; Branches; Cold; Crawling; Dead; Divine; Dread; Eyes; Fruit; Gathering; Graves; Hands; Heaven; Kisses; Life; Lips; Love; Lovely; Night; Pointing; Regret; Remorse; Seeking; Sighs; Stories; Waking; White; Worms; Carpe diem; Closeness; Couples; Death; Distractions; Encouraging; Forgetting; Intimacy; Lust; Metaphor: Love as fruit; Metaphor: Remorse as worm; Mourning; Seducing; Sex
First LineNon, les baisers d'amour n'éveillent point les morts (Search)
Year of composition 1883 (Search)
Original LanguageFrench (Search)
Link to IPA Source https://www.ipasource.com/les-baisers-d-amour.html
Catalog DesignationL 48 (Search)
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